May 08, 2003

Goons!: Doug "The Thug" Smith, the author of Goon, was interviewed on Here and Now today. There was also a discusson with someone from "your only source for authentic game worn enforcer jerseys and equipment."

posted by eckeric to hockey at 05:09 PM - 4 comments

Nice link. Has anyone here read this book? I've been thinking of picking it up for a while, but I don't know if it's worth it.

posted by Samsonov14 at 05:45 PM on May 08, 2003

I had no idea there was a market for enforcers' modified and reekin' handwear. Great link! I'm no help with the book. I don't know how to read. I should try and learn sometime soon.

posted by garfield at 12:49 PM on May 09, 2003

TGI almost 4:20!!!

posted by garfield at 02:07 PM on May 09, 2003

I didn't realize that there was a market for such stuff either. I guess I like to root for the role players in basketball and other sports. Goons just have a bit more hardcore role than, say, a three point shooter. I don't know if the book is any good, but I think it is interesting that he was able to play on a pro level even though he didn't start playing till he was 19. In other sports you have to be 7 feet tall to pull something like that off. I guess "There's always room on our team for a goon Son, we've always got room for a goon" (warning: 2 pop-ups)

posted by eckeric at 04:19 PM on May 09, 2003

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