May 26, 2010

Where the road to the playoffs is a trail through a chain-link fence: without a diamond to call their own, the UMass Boston Beacons have nevertheless played their way into the NCAA Division 3 national championship.

posted by lil_brown_bat to baseball at 11:23 AM - 4 comments

It's a commuter school, and not the real UMass.... but still good for them.

I still like when UMass Lowell comes to play the real UMass in hockey and the crowd starts "Lowell High School" chants. Now if only Toot could put out a team that doesn't choke in the second half of the season....

posted by Demophon at 03:31 PM on May 26, 2010

Demophon, the fact that it's a commuter school is kinda the point. Note the text:

"...the Umass Boston Beacons..."

posted by lil_brown_bat at 04:08 PM on May 26, 2010

Great story. Sad that UMB always seems to be treated like the bastard step child within the U Mass school system. Even Dartmouth gets more attention than they do. But they keep plugging away. Funny thing about this little school in a big city with no athletics programs worth much attention: the Chancellor, J Keith Motley, played college basketball at Northeastern under then Coach Jim Calhoun.

posted by MW12 at 04:49 PM on May 26, 2010

"...the Umass Boston Beacons..."

There are many cases where people don't realize that UMass Boston and UMass Amherst (or Lowell or Dartmouth) are not the same thing. They are part of the same University system, but not the same school and that does occasionally cause some confusion for people. I had a friend from home who went to UMass Dartmouth and kept having to explain to people that he was not on the same campus with the basketball players.

Earlier this year a UMass (Amherst) baseball game with St. Louis had to be rescheduled from Sunday at 12 to a doubleheader on Saturday because the St. Louis travel coordinator didn't realize how far Amherst was from Boston and scheduled their flights for 5pm through Logan. The rumor was that they had done a quick search for UMass, found a link to the University system and assumed that they would be playing the largest school that would most likely be in the largest city and went with Boston.

posted by Demophon at 04:03 PM on May 27, 2010

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