May 24, 2010

The greatest 45 minutes in sports: On May 25, 1935, Ohio State's Jesse Owens set four world records in 45 minutes. The feat was so respected that the Univ. of Michigan still honors the achievement at its track.

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3:25 p.m. Long jump: Owens needed just one leap to improve the world record by more than a half-foot to 26 feet 8 inches. Only Bob Beamon's legendary 29-2 jump at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics has improved the long jump record by a greater distance. Beamon's altitude-aided record lasted 23 years. Owens' mark lasted 25. Seventy-three years later at the 2008 Olympics, Owens' 1935 jump would have placed seventh. Usain Bolt is amazing. But Owens was...I'm at a loss.

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There are two athletes that I fear will fade into history even though they may be the two greatest athletes of all time:

Jesse Owens
Jim Thorpe

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grum, I don't see that happening.

posted by bobfoot at 01:19 AM on May 25, 2010

Owens was simply three generations ahead of his time... Without any of the benefits that would have come from that generation - nutrition, training, medicine, coaching, video, corporate money, technique, equipment...

I don't think he'll be forgotten. I think a few other guys already have been, though.

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 06:26 PM on May 25, 2010

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