February 24, 2002

Canada wins the Gold in Ice hockey, 5-2: , thus completing these 2002 Winter Olympics. It was a close 3-2 game until the last few minutes, when Canada put the nails in the coffin with a pair of quickly scored goals. Bravo, Canada- you earned it, and it seems only right that both Canadian hockey teams should win Gold. On a related note, the US silver medal brings the total US medal count from these games 34- second only to Germany's 35. Not bad, considering the previous US high was 13 medals and the USOC was boasting before the games that the US would snag as many as 20 medals. :)

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The game was played by athletes showing great heart and sportsmanship, and while it might sound trite, there weren't any losers here today. I wish more sports had hockey's tradition of the little-league like meeting on the ice after the game. Now, if only Rusty Smith hadn't spilled out yesterday, the US would have medalled in the 5000m-relay in short skate for a 35th medal. *sigh*

posted by hincandenza at 04:23 PM on February 24, 2002

while it might sound trite, there weren't any losers here today. well, that's easy for an American to say ;) Once Canada got going, only Richter could stop them. And what about Joe Sakic?

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Iginla was the standout for me today. Don't get to see many Calgary games here in Toronto, so I was glad to see him during the games.

posted by maudlin at 04:50 PM on February 24, 2002

Sakic ... heh, heh, heh. Go Avalanche. And let me add my congrats to team Canada. Great game, in all respects. Team America has nothing to be ashamed of, they played terrifically, but Canada's speed and aggression at the forward position was just too much to overcome. By the way, Gretsky's gracious pro NHL comments and respectful comments about the players (regardless of nationality) were very refreshing, and helped to redeem all of my respect for him.

posted by Wulfgar! at 05:11 PM on February 24, 2002

The streets out here are going crazy... fans, flags, and a lot of honking honrs... and I'm only in the suburbs! I'm sure downtown is so so much crazier. Yzerman was a standout for me. Sure, I'm biased since I've always liked Yzerman... but he was terrific in the last few games. Fleury played great too... despite all the controversy surrounding his selection. great game! Biggest win for Canada since 87!

posted by mkn at 05:19 PM on February 24, 2002

When my dad and I went to see Calgary play in Columbus last season, my dad pointed him out and said "that's the kind of player team Canada needs for the big ice and talented competition in the Olympics." Jarome Iginla played spectacularly in today's game, and he's still the NHL scoring leader. Sakic played wonderfully as well.

posted by insomnyuk at 05:27 PM on February 24, 2002

That save by Brodeur on Brett Hull ended any chance the U.S. had to come back. What a great two weeks this has been for hockey fans. I don't think I can even watch the NHL until the playoffs start. My expectations are too high. But that's okay, college hockey playoffs are about to start.

posted by emoeby at 06:22 PM on February 24, 2002

It's insanity here in Waterloo! One of the greatest events I've ever witnessed. What a play by Lemieux on that first goal! I'm completely overwhelmed with emotion today. Iginla is the future leader of Team Canada. I'm losing my mind here, and the game ended hours ago!

posted by Succa at 06:48 PM on February 24, 2002

Congrats, Canada. Great play all around, and I agree about the quality and difference of watching these Olympic hockey games vs. plodding NHL games. I'm proud of the U.S. team effort, but the better team won today.

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What insane person was upset about Fleury's selection? He is awesome - I would go so far as to say "The Rasheed Wallace of Hockey." And that's high praise from me. But that was an awesome awesome game.

posted by djacobs at 10:00 PM on February 24, 2002

I have to chuckle about how much crow the Pat Burns naysayers will have to eat tomorrow. :-)

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Lemieux letting that pass through was pure genius. The whole defense froze, Richter focusing on the shot everyone just knew had to be coming. He was screwed when that pass was let through. Good game, a blast to watch. Canada pressed hard, and kept the US from breaking out against their press. Good game plan, executed perfectly.

posted by dglynn at 12:30 AM on February 25, 2002

I have to chuckle about how much crow the Pat Burns naysayers will have to eat tomorrow. :-) Burns? Or Quinn? As a Vancouver fan who believes Pat Quinn can do almost no wrong, it was nice to see him lead the team to gold.

posted by gar at 03:14 AM on February 25, 2002

The value of the Canadian Dollar Apparently a maintenance worker at the arena placed a loonie under centre ice when he was building the ice. Two golds in hockey? Coincidence? I dunno.

posted by uncledave at 09:05 AM on February 25, 2002

Burns? Whoops! Can't blame that one on watching the Simpsons at the same time as posting.

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I'm Canadian. I live in New Jersey with two other Americans. Its nice to see the graciousness in defeat displayed by American fans. And its nice to hear about the drunk-as-a-skunk, horn-honking, flag-waving, anthem-singing revelry coming from the 'polite' nation of the north. As one american friend of mine once mistakenly poked fun, "at least we're not a country that doesn't mind losing." I beg to differ.

posted by garfield at 08:16 AM on February 26, 2002

Yeah right, when I was watching the game, a few of my American friends (I found myself rooting for my country of birth) made snide comments about how it's nice for the 51st state to win every once in a while... Some were gracious, but those were the ones that didn't care.

posted by insomnyuk at 10:10 AM on February 26, 2002

There is no doubt in my mind that the two best teams in the world were playing on Sunday night. Great contest. (Rant coming) The Canadian culture is intrinsically interwoven into hockey. Take for example, the Canadian creation: Superman. Clark Kent is a quiet, unassuming, polite man. Then, he puts on his uniform and enters his alter-ego, a tough, effective, menace to evil. In hockey, a passive, quiet nation can politely put on their uniform and immediately begin a thrashing, violent, free-for-all torrent of aggressive sportsmanship. Gotta love it. A nation of repressed personalities exploding on the ice.

posted by Xopi at 10:12 AM on February 26, 2002

Superman as a metaphor for Canadian hockey players. I like it. I wonder what the U.S. equivalent would be? Batman as a metaphor for the U.S. boblsed team (not really superheroes, but have access to the best equipment and training facilities that money can buy).

posted by jacknose at 10:19 AM on February 26, 2002

Ahh... but Batman doesn't take the glory. I think the better metaphor for the American players, and speed-skaters come to think of it, would be the Joker/Riddler/Penguin. They are characters that thrive on attention, and will resort to all kinds of mayhem to get it. Maybe it's not fair of me, but I'm still bitter that Canadian-born players (Brett Hull, Adam Deadmarsh) were wearing the wrong uniforms on Sunday.

posted by Xopi at 10:27 AM on February 26, 2002

(why be bitter? an Irish man was wearing the maple leaf.) Superman as a metaphor for Canadian hockey players. Yeah, that's a good analogy. On the ice, tough as a zamboni... but off the ice, proabably the nicest, most humble and approachable "pro" athletes around.

posted by mkn at 11:04 AM on February 26, 2002

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