December 29, 2009

America at the Bat: thoughts on baseball and culture.

posted by exogenous to baseball at 11:25 AM - 2 comments

Nice post, exo, how did you come by it? While I have a few quibbles with MS Schaub's conclusions, I agree with much she has said. Baseball is indeed a valid metaphor for the American society. I was particularly struck by her comparison of the umpire to an independent judiciary. How true it is! I'm sure that many of us have read of a court decision with which we disagree and immediately demanded the removal of the judge. The problem is not with the judge but with the rulebook. MS Schaub writes like one of those college educators whose class I would love to audit.

posted by Howard_T at 03:52 PM on December 29

I think I just threw up into my mouth a bit. After reading it, I did. I threw up in my mouth a bit.

Oh, the nostalgia for baseball in America ... sorry folks, but those days are gone.

posted by Spitztengle at 06:02 PM on December 29

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