December 24, 2009

RIP George Michael: So long, king of the Sports Machine. Though his approach was a bit heavy handed at times and did not win the hearts of everyone, there was no doubting his genuine enthusiasm for and love of sports and the individual athletes he portrayed on his program.

His was an upbeat but not overexcited voice, and he believed in redemption, as evidenced by the major feature he once ran on Dexter Manley.

George Michael felt that warts and all, sports was a positive, beneficial force in the world, and worthy of our attention and interest.

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The Sports Machine was Sunday night must see TV for my father and I for many years.


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The Sports Machine -- pre-internet connection to highlights. I wonder if Michael resented Wham! for taking his name. Liked the SNL take-off on him, with George Will (Dana Carvey) playing host.

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Growing up in DC before the Interwebs George Michael helped keep me in the loop for sports scores. When Sports Machine was still only on NBC-4 in DC he also had a telephone scores line. In an age when there was no ESPN either, I could call the Sports line and get scores for all games and not just the Bullets, Capitals, and the Washington NFL team. The only frustrating part was coming in late on the recorded loop and having it disconnect, and having to call back.


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