December 04, 2009

The Hoser's NFL Picks 2009, Week 13: NFL picks that say hi to your mom.

posted by wfrazerjr to football at 09:32 AM - 3 comments

Well, straighten them out or eat them.

You are funny and wrong.

The Colts-Titans game should be good. I don't if the Cowboys can beat the Giants on the road in December (despite how bad the Giants have been playing).

posted by bperk at 01:01 PM on December 04, 2009

Bold choice in the Colts-Titans game. I'll take that bet.

posted by Joey Michaels at 01:25 PM on December 04, 2009

Well, at least you got the 19 right with the Jets.

I'm taking the Titans too. Even if they lose, I think they'll cover.

posted by cjets at 05:54 PM on December 04, 2009

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