July 12, 2009

David Beckham: Landon Donovan's 'Unprofessional': After Landon Donovan called him a "bad teammate" (among other things) in Grant Wahl's new book The Beckham Experiment, Beckham responded yesterday before watching the Galaxy play Chivas USA. "In every football player's eyes throughout the world, it would be unprofessional to speak out about a team-mate, especially in the press and not to your face," Beckham said. "In 17 years, I have played with the biggest teams in the world and the biggest players, and not once have I been criticized for my professionalism."

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I recall Glenn Hoddle criticizing Beckham for a lack of professionalism. Of course, when you're playing for country it isn't technically "professional," and 1998 was a long time ago, but how could that big old DB forget the fallout from his red card versus Argentina?

posted by Hugh Janus at 07:51 PM on July 12, 2009

Hmm, Glenn Hoddle, you say.

posted by rodgerd at 11:01 PM on July 12, 2009

I think Landon should have put on his big boy pants well before Beckham came to the Galaxy. He might have found himself lasting longer at Leverkusen to begin with and might have avoided a very public row with one of the game's most recognizable faces.

posted by igottheblues at 11:55 PM on July 12, 2009

However, that's not to say that Beckham is without blame. Beckham has hardly been the consummate professional on these shores with the way he's carried himself both on and off the pitch.

posted by igottheblues at 12:03 AM on July 13, 2009

So the fact that Glenn Hoddle is a twat means that Beckham's professionalism never came into question after his bush-league foot-twitch against Simeone? I'm just saying, that DB is wrong when he says his professionalism has never been questioned. His national team coach is to come to mind, but I'm sure there've been others.

To be sure, Landon Donovan is a loudmouth punk, but the DB is a prima donna all a-flutter. I'm not surprised Beckham doesn't remember showing the world what a childish fool he could be when his country needed him.

posted by Hugh Janus at 01:29 AM on July 13, 2009

Beckham should appologize to the american soccer fans and go show how slow he became because of this glory trip he went on!

posted by vio at 04:05 AM on July 13, 2009

Hoddle, meh. Beckham brings me out in a rash but he was considered to be very professional in training, team-related activities, etc. during his times at Man U and Real. On the pitch he always had a card problem, it wasn't the biggest gaffe the World Cup has seen but England fans can be a bit precious. For an unprofessional footballer I think Paul Gascoigne, Beckham was just a bit dim with no personality.

posted by deflated at 07:37 PM on July 13, 2009

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