February 21, 2003

Guardian starts a section devoted to women's football.: And begins with a stinging criticism of the the paternalistic approach to women's football in England. Seems that on this point, England has much more to overcome than the US. "When the England squad were out in La Manga we played against Farnborough and matched them for skill and ball control, but they beat us for pace. It's noticeable that that women's football is at it's most popular where there is no male precedent, such as China and the US."

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Woops. Here's the main report page.

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And btw, there's a women's friendly between US and England, May 17, in Birmingham ... Alabama.

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The truth is, womens football is crap and is of value only as a novelty. I doubt that the best of the womens teams in England would survive even in the Conference League. There was a bit of a stir, not much of one though, in Birmingham, when the mens club disowned the women. The marketing man of the Ladies team asked our chairman what he should say if asked what the ladies connection with Birmingham City was. He was advised to reply that his team had absolutely no connection with Birmingham City. Fulham bankrolled their Ladies team for a couple of seasons but Al Fayed pulled the plug earlier this season. Let em play if they want, just don't expect anyone to take them seriously. It is parks football.

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From an American perspective, this makes all the sense in the world. Until recently, the American men had no right playing with the best from Europe, and so had a tiny following. When we found out that even though our Menís soccer players were sub-par, our Womenís Team kicked ass and had a shot at being the best in the world, of course America fell in love with the Womenís Team. We donít like Mia Hamm because sheís hot (she almost is, but not quite), we like her because sheís immensely skilled and excels on in international level (this is one of those things that makes us want to chant USA! USA! USA!). If our men were any better a few years ago this would never have happened, though, and I'm sure you'd see the same attitude as you do over in the UK. And as far as making female players wear skimpy kits goes, I had two thoughts: 1) Thatís the absolute opposite of class, objectifies women, and completely robs the game of any dignity. 2) I canít believe Americans didnít think of it first.

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OH MY GOD! I agree with Buddha! But i'll take it a step further and say that ALL women's sports are a fucking joke! Women should spend less time trying to do the same thing as men in the name of equality and start doing what it is they are best at...whatever that is...

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This? Not safe for work, not safe for me if the Mrs see it.

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Last year's Womens Under-18 World Cup, held in Edmonton, had some of the most exciting football action I've seen since, well, the World Cup. Granted, I don't watch much football... so what do I know. What I did notice is that there were a lot of Brazil fans (not-surprisingly) and they seemed to take it seriously. I'd say they have male precendent.

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FB: Thanks for the warning. I almost clicked. I will have to wait until I get home. And the kid and wife are asleep. Hee hee hee. mkn: I went to the Women's World Cup (what year was it? 99? 2000?) semifinal between US and Brazil. The atmosphere was great and the Brazilians, while individually more talented, were playing dirty, clearly frustrated by the US's superior teamplay. The Brazilian fans were out in force, the usual, cheery, noisy, drumbeating selves. I was screaming at the Brazilian defenders at every foul. It was good fun. A momentous occasion, only slightly marred by the game being sold as a two-pack along with a San Jose Earthquakes game that followed immediately after the World Cup semifinal. I didn't stay to watch.

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Pay to watch birds play football? Is there beer?

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hahahah LOL @ Squealy.

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My word, FB, I just looked at that link you put up. OK, either we move to Brazil. Or we should just cancel the matches and go straight to the locker room.

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