February 17, 2009

rcade newest MLS reporter: Had to share.

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And a hologram to boot. Suck it, CNN.

posted by yerfatma at 10:38 AM on February 17, 2009

DC United is the closest MLS team to me in Florida, sadly enough. I had to report on my "local" team. Wish I knew which player tried to clobber me with the ball at the end.

posted by rcade at 05:01 PM on February 17, 2009

Yet another thing that is effed up about MLS. They play in the summer while most other leagues are on break. I often hear the excuse is "who would want to play in Chicago in December?" I don't follow MLS so i had no clue that DC United was the closest team to a person in Florida. It seems that the solution now is simple. Close down the Chicao Fire (and all the other northern teams) and play in the south during the normal footie season.


posted by scully at 07:33 AM on February 18, 2009

rcade, you wouldn't be the first to hit by a ball.

Harry and Jose both took one for the team. Hughes had better control.

Cricket's the game where, as a reporter, you want to avoid getting hit in the head by the ball.

Of course, it's still more likely to happen when you're actually playing.

posted by JJ at 09:02 AM on February 18, 2009

There's talk that Florida will get an MLS team in Miami, and we're supposed to be getting a soccer stadium in Orlando that's big enough to host a team. So maybe I won't have to make a 13-hour road trip to attend home games for my team much longer (not that I'm making them now, mind you).

posted by rcade at 10:02 AM on February 18, 2009

Thanks to this link, my Newseum newscast is climbing the "most viewed" ranks on Newseum.Org. Take that, schoolchildren and families! You been pwned!

posted by rcade at 07:14 PM on February 19, 2009

Barcelona FC is bidding along with a rich South American to put a team in Miami, they are one of five finalists (Portland, St. Louis, Vancouver and Montreal are the others, I think) for two expansion slots for the 2011 season. However at the recent Barca general meeting, there was some disgruntled quesioning about spending the money on this effort when times are hard.

posted by billsaysthis at 01:23 AM on March 01, 2009

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