May 05, 2008

Am I making sense to anyone??? : I was trying to explain to my husband about a game I watched years ago, I'm guessing in '99 or '00 and involving the Pens. In this game the glass broke toward the end of a period (or maybe it was an injury) and the officials decided to add what time was left of that period to the start of the next period because there was going to be such a long delay that it would be like having two intermissions back to back. I can't find any info about this game whatsoever. I'd like to refresh my memory of the details as well as find out if there's a written rule that addresses such a thing. I'm having such a hard time finding answers that I'm starting to wonder if I'm making this up. Has anyone ever heard of such a thing?

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Yes. This has happened a few times. They start the third with whatever time was left. Blow the whistle when it's done and then start the proper third from centre ice. It's basically at the ref's discretion.

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I've seen this happen with power outages too, I think. I don't know if he has to, but it looks like the ref gets the consent of the coaches before doing this. At least in the couple of times I've seen it.

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The Blues were involved in something similar as well. The glass broke with about 1:00 to play. The crew were attempting to fix it when it was determined that in addition to the glass, the dasher board broke too. So they just tacked on the extra minute to the next period.

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Yeah, this happens every once in a while. If there's an extended break close to the end of a period, the referees have the option of saying the hell with it and moving the intermission up. The glass changes tend to be pretty quick nowadays, though. From how fast they do it, I'm guessing the NHL rinks run drills to swap the glass in & out as fast as possible. I've seen it happen with brawls, too. If things are really close to flashpoint, and multiple scraps are happening at once, they'll send everyone to the dressing rooms to cool off for 15 minutes and just tack the extra time on to the next period.

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Thanks everyone, you have saved my sanity!

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