April 17, 2008

Week 34 update for the Spofi EPL fantasy footie.: Middle Pocket Llamas makes a charge!

posted by gspm to fantasy at 09:28 AM - 8 comments

Overall Table

#TeamManagerWeekTotalChangeTransfersOverall Rank
1Ardley Athleticsquealy502071036840
2Phatcat FCgarfield5719970408,136
3The Foreign Exchangeholden40195704320,248
4Unsuitably Namedtselson65193604130,410
6Hamburglar SVtrox611872+11781,984
6Yukon UnitedYukonGold59187203782,462
9Crap City Unitedgspm641839-141123,333
10Rollercoaster Titsworldcup2002531814032159,871
11The UnNamedFence691811+19163,881
12Ball Booterscabuki581809-128167,646
13Dover Diversyerfatma551771028233,902
14The Bazooka JoesFat Buddha481758034259,228
15Ladyboy's GartersThe_Black_Hand591742032291,146
16Mighty Redmenwalrus701708025362,239
18TX Kickin' DevilsTexan_lost_in_NY521681-127421,582
19Cutters Vmdb151167109442,907
20Salmacis FCsalmacis421654010481,185
21Leonard Marx FCchicobangs641651+128488,850
22SpoFi Spursr8rh8r27601648-135495,867
23Laconico UnitedRicardo691644028504,560
24Middle Pocket Llamasowlhouse771633+127529,199
25Hackney Hipstersskronk401612-127576,646
26Buckeye FCJeffwa441560043692,648
27En Fuegoetrader581450+142918,847
28Slide Rulersgeekyguy461448-19921,988
29Velocity Boysjasonspaceman2912580101,223,902
30Liver Spotsrcade411228001,260,828
31AFX Argonautsafx237vi411222031,268,763
Global Average: 48 Global Highest: 99 Spofi Average: 54.8 previous update

posted by gspm at 09:35 AM on April 17, 2008

Recent Form Table

wk 34wk 33wk 32Overall
1Middle Pocket Llamasowlhouse66.0112624
1Ardley Athleticsquealy66.0221511
1Unsuitably Namedtselson66.06384
4Ladyboy's GartersThe_Black_Hand65.7119415
6Phatcat FCgarfield64.0162102
7Hamburglar SVtrox63.39776
8Mighty Redmenwalrus63.02121616
9The Foreign Exchangeholden62.7291223
10The Bazooka JoesFat Buddha62.0235514
12TX Kickin' DevilsTexan_lost_in_NY60.31931318
14Crap City Unitedgspm60.0715179
15The UnNamedFence57.73192111
15Laconico UnitedRicardo57.73142523
17Ball Booterscabuki57.31326912
18Yukon UnitedYukonGold56.71126136
19Buckeye FCJeffwa56.025111026
20Cutters Vmdb154.720231219
21Rollercoaster Titsworldcup200254.31872410
22SpoFi Spursr8rh8r2753.710152722
23Dover Diversyerfatma53.317291713
24En Fuegoetrader53.013232027
25Slide Rulersgeekyguy49.324281928
26Salmacis FCsalmacis49.026182120
27Hackney Hipstersskronk48.02992825
28Velocity Boysjasonspaceman43.731212129
29Leonard Marx FCchicobangs41.77303121
30Liver Spotsrcade39.027232930
31AFX Argonautsafx237vi35.727313031

posted by gspm at 09:36 AM on April 17, 2008

Yeah, I know.

posted by owlhouse at 05:12 PM on April 17, 2008

Yeah. Euch.

posted by chicobangs at 11:52 AM on April 18, 2008

Sorry, I meant to add a bit but got waylaid by the formatting of the top table. You'll notice it is not centered. Eventually I figured out why (suddenly the html is being treated differently, it seemed). But what I was going to point out that owlhouse has topped the table two weeks in a row which hasn't been done since BillSaysThisScores!! topped weeks 10 and 11. So that is worth something at this stage.

posted by gspm at 01:53 PM on April 18, 2008

I'm almost in the Top Ten! Wow. Guess I should abandon my team and stop tinkering more often :)

posted by Fence at 03:39 AM on April 25, 2008

Works for me. I topped the table as soon as I stopped caring. It's a Zen thing.

posted by owlhouse at 04:15 AM on April 25, 2008

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