March 07, 2008

Week 28 Update for the Spofi EPL fantasy footie: Torres!!!

posted by gspm to fantasy at 08:08 PM - 8 comments

That be either Torres!!! (in passionate approval) or Torres!!! (a la Khaaaaaan! from Star Trek 2) Anyhow Overall Table

#TeamManagerWeekTotalChangeTransfersOverall Rank
1Ardley Athleticsquealy7316480292,366
2Phatcat FCgarfield4316160346,986
3Unsuitably Namedtselson771550+13037,374
5The Foreign Exchangeholden631524+13662,048
6Hamburglar SVtrox451500+11591,929
7Yukon UnitedYukonGold851499+22893,977
8Rollercoaster Titsworldcup2002231498-32695,395
9Crap City Unitedgspm411481-134122,908
11Dover Diversyerfatma701466+123149,365
12The UnNamedFence471463-29154,480
13Ball Booterscabuki741452021176,939
14The Bazooka JoesFat Buddha461404025289,262
15Leonard Marx FCchicobangs501399+127302,396
16Ladyboy's GartersThe_Black_Hand321391-126323,452
17Salmacis FCsalmacis281357010415,006
18Mighty Redmenwalrus401354+123424,464
19Cutters Vmdb1371350+19434,734
20TX Kickin' DevilsTexan_lost_in_NY271347-221444,208
21Laconico UnitedRicardo541345+122449,860
22Middle Pocket Llamasowlhouse451342-121458,229
23SpoFi Spursr8rh8r27641325+135506,584
24Hackney Hipstersskronk601323+127511,978
26Buckeye FCJeffwa371242038732,526
27En Fuegoetrader411225030775,559
28Slide Rulersgeekyguy32115109947,718
29AFX Argonautsafx237vi561022031,187,117
30Velocity Boysjasonspaceman4310020101,217,574
31Liver Spotsrcade46975001,254,702
Global Average: 49 Global Highest: 128 Spofi Average: 49.1 previous update

posted by gspm at 08:13 PM on March 07, 2008

Recent Form Table

wk 28wk 27wk 26Overall
1Yukon UnitedYukonGold74.71427
2Unsuitably Namedtselson67.026173
3The Foreign Exchangeholden66.37365
3Ardley Athleticsquealy66.348101
5Dover Diversyerfatma65.3522411
7Ball Booterscabuki57.0323813
8Phatcat FCgarfield56.7185132
9The UnNamedFence56.31311612
10The Bazooka JoesFat Buddha54.014102114
11Mighty Redmenwalrus53.32362318
14Crap City Unitedgspm51.7219269
15Middle Pocket Llamasowlhouse50.71620322
15Hackney Hipstersskronk50.79251024
17Leonard Marx FCchicobangs49.012211715
18Buckeye FCJeffwa48.324151526
19Rollercoaster Titsworldcup200248.0311238
20Cutters Vmdb147.024171519
20Hamburglar SVtrox47.01619226
22Laconico UnitedRicardo46.711271321
23SpoFi Spursr8rh8r2745.76291723
24Slide Rulersgeekyguy45.027142728
25En Fuegoetrader44.02128127
25Ladyboy's GartersThe_Black_Hand44.027181716
27Salmacis FCsalmacis41.329162817
28Velocity Boysjasonspaceman41.018233030
29TX Kickin' DevilsTexan_lost_in_NY39.030222420
30Liver Spotsrcade38.014311031
31AFX Argonautsafx237vi37.310303129

posted by gspm at 08:16 PM on March 07, 2008

Form-wise, us thuggish yanks are unstoppable. Two if by PKs.

posted by yerfatma at 10:47 PM on March 07, 2008

Well, another 28 points for Captain Fantastic today. Rafa has the boys rolling but from Tuesday the Reds have a very rough slate starting away to Inter, Reading, away to ManUtd, Everton and away to Arsenal. That loss to Barnsley, which doesn't look so bad after today, seems to have provided the necessary wakey-uppey! (PS to gspm: The team name links are broken.)

posted by billsaysthis at 01:58 PM on March 08, 2008

Lampard!!! 50 points this week for anyone who had him as captain. I didn't even have him in my squad.

posted by squealy at 07:27 AM on March 13, 2008

I don't think anyone in our league had him. Sigh. At least this week was better than last week for me. That's not saying much, but it's something.

posted by worldcup2002 at 10:00 AM on March 13, 2008

Erm, except for holden. Well done, man.

posted by worldcup2002 at 10:10 PM on March 13, 2008

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