July 16, 2007

CFL Pick 'Em, Week 4: A healthy mix of nail-biters and blowouts so far, although we've yet to see an upset of significance. Perhaps this week, Hamilton? Make your picks inside.

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As predicted, a tired and disorganized Calgary team was no match for Toronto. Edmonton picked up a tight road win while B.C. brought Saskatchewan back down to earth. And despite how poorly Montreal has played to this point, sometimes Hamilton is just Hamilton.

ResultToronto by 33Edmonton by 4B.C. by 30Montreal by 9
Margin of Error23 to 433 to 521 to 396 to 12
MrFrisby nails two margins, owlhouse picks all four winners, and both leapfrog into a first-place tie. At the other end, Weedy pulls off a five-point week to move ahead of TBH for the first time since... umm... wow, I really don't remember.
SpoFiteCGY @ TORSEDM @ WPGSBC @ SSKSMTL @ HAMSPointsTotal Points
MrFrisbyToronto24 B.C. Montreal7513
owlhouseToronto Edmonton3B.C. Montreal 513
Ying Yang MafiaToronto Edmonton Montreal 312
SpitztengleToronto Edmonton 210
DrJohnEvansToronto Montreal1039
gspm Edmonton Montreal838
WeedyMcSmokeyToronto Edmonton3 Montreal1158
apochToronto B.C. 27
The_Black_HandToronto Edmonton B.C. 37
Streaks, trends, and picks ahead. Drive with caution. WEEK 4 Winnipeg @ Montreal (Thursday, July 19) This is an early game of some significance for both teams. They've both shown signs of promise, but have both also had some terrible points. This is Your Official Coin Toss Of A GameTM. Hamilton @ B.C. (Thursday, July 19) Who wants to pick the upset? Anybody? Anybody? Saskatchewan @ Edmonton (Friday, July 20) This is exactly the sort of game that Edmonton needs to win in order to re-establish a foothold in the West. The slight edge goes to what's been a more effective Saskatchewan team. Toronto @ Calgary (Saturday, July 21) It's definitely not going to be the same game as last week, with Argo QB Michael Bishop sidelined for the next two months with a broken wrist. Backup Mike McMahon was okay-but-not-great in garbage time last week. But the Toronto defence is still in one piece, which should worry the Stampeders. A lot. Good luck!

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Dr. J had asked if I'd do some point differentials for offence, defence, and special teams. This how I'm thinking of breaking assigning scoring situations. Offence: Passing TD, Rushing TD, Offence recovers a fumble and returns it for a TD, 2pt PAT Defence: Interception for a TD, Fumble Recovery for a TD, Safety Special Teams: Field Goals, 1pt PAT, Rouge, Faked Field Goal for TD, Punt/Kickoff returns for TD, Fumble recovery on special teams play for TD. Basically whatever unit is on the field gets credit. If you think something should be moved, or I forgot a possibility, please let me know. Thanks.

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Winnie gonna pooh all over the Als. Bombers by 14. TiCats will upset the Lions! There, it's in print. But I'm only joking, DJE! Not this week, not in BC ... Lions by 17. Commonwealth Stadium will yet again be green with Rider Priders, but they'll be even greener with envy as the EE scold them on home turf. It might be a real dogfight though ... EE by 3. If losing to Toronto at home this week doesn't cost Tom Higgins his job, I don't know what will!?!? Let's say Argos by 15 ... it might be closer than that, but I think an ass-whoopin' on the home turf will seal the deal for Higgie to be shown the exit door.

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I know we were joking about the Hamilton upset, but hey, it looks like both Lions QBs are a little banged up. Saw on the news last night that Dickenson will almost certainly not start, and that Pierce will play with a "hand pad". Whatever the hell that is.

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Pierce will play with a "hand pad". Whatever the hell that is. And you call yourself a doctor? /looks disgusted, shakes head, walks away

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First of all there was Degrassi Junior High. Montreal by 7. I believe The Saddle Club was a co-production, so I have to take some responsibility there. BC by 21. Now my kids watch the Amazing Adrenalini Brothers. Edmonton by 5. But nothing explains the enduring popularity of Just for Laughs. It's the only thing shown on domestic flights in Indonesia. Toronto by 9.

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Montreal by 4 B.C. by 2 Saskatchewan by 13 Toronto by 11

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I'm having a bad enough year without missing a week due to late picks. Winnipeg by 4 Hamilton by 3 Saskatchewan by 14 Toronto by 7

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Montreal by 3 B.C. by 11 Saskatchewan by 10 Toronto by 17

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Someone should hire us to do the CFL picks for mass media sources. At Sportsnet, Lefko doesn't even give a spread!?!? And over at TSN, Schultzy is good, but no better than the mob (both are 8-3-1 on the season thus far).

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If the offensive player of the week isn't either Kevin Glenn or Jesse Lumsden, my name isn't Spitztengle! It would take a superman performance in the remaining games this week to top these guys. Not quite the blowouts I predicted in the first two games, but good contests nonetheless.

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Friggin' Canadians and their damn Thursday football. Edmonton by 5 Toronto by 10

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Oh, man, Hamilton had it. And they lost it. Damn!

posted by DrJohnEvans at 08:17 AM on July 20, 2007

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