July 13, 2007

Copa America finals pick'em: One round, let's get some opinions on Brazil-Argentina:

+1 for picking winner
+1 for scorer of winning goal (or PK if it goes there)
+1 for final score
+1 for total cards (yellow=1 point, red=2)
+1000 for putting Ray Hudson on the disabled list before kickoff (hint: he's not in Venezuela)

posted by billsaysthis to fantasy at 09:07 PM - 10 comments

Brazil Robinho 3-2 5 In my dreams...

posted by billsaysthis at 10:03 PM on July 13, 2007

2007 is the year of Argentina Hernán Crespo 3-1 2 In your dreams, apparently...

posted by NoMich at 11:14 PM on July 13, 2007

Argentina Messi 2-1 4 Anyone know whether the final is on a non-subscription/package network (i.e., on something other than Gol)? Maybe one of the Spanish-language channels?

posted by holden at 11:35 AM on July 14, 2007

Do you live in an area that has Univision? At least, they're the ones showing it around Raleigh. And that's the only channel that I see it listed on.

posted by NoMich at 12:27 PM on July 14, 2007

Argentina Riquelme 4-2 6 you can watch the game online if you don't have Univision or Goltv or whoever is showing it.

posted by goddam at 01:41 PM on July 14, 2007

I've got it on Univision; thanks.

posted by holden at 03:01 PM on July 14, 2007

I haven't seen a minute of this, as I'm grinding my teeth over the Asian Cup instead. But... Argentina Messi 1-0 9 Who's Ray Hudson?

posted by owlhouse at 03:36 AM on July 15, 2007

Argentina Tevez 3-1 5

posted by trox at 01:22 PM on July 15, 2007

I guess as the only one to pick Brazil I win, especially as no one put me out of my Hudson misery ;) Brazil were certainly comprehensive today, completely shutting down Riquelme and Tevez, penetrating the midfield at will and holding the backline with cement.

posted by billsaysthis at 06:59 PM on July 15, 2007

I agree with your assessment bill, I certainly didn't expect Aregentina to look so lifeless at times. Riquelme just looked tired all day.

posted by trox at 01:21 PM on July 16, 2007

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