March 14, 2007

Good Sports Podcasts Wanted: Thanks to my Christmas-gift iPod and my new nocturnal habits, I've discovered the glories of time shifting. A few weeks ago worldcup2002 posted this link to a podcast featuring Michael Lewis. I'm looking for more. Share your favourite sports podcasts inside.

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I'm especially interested in finding podcasts that are, well, hard to find. My offerings: Deck Pass: Swimming news and views, published weekly. Unpolished production. Quiet Please: a single-episode contribution from the BBC. "Chris Mitchell talks to the experts who explain that sound in sport is fundamental to the delivery of excellence, performance and skill."

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Here are some good football/soccer podcasts that I listen to on the train every week: Football Weekly: The Guardian's take on all things football. It has an English focus, but features reports on Italian and Spanish football as well. For those of you who enjoy the minute-by-minute reports, this one is for you. Arsecast: This podcast from the bloggie-winning Arseblog is a good summary of all things Arsenal that's just funny enough that fans of most other teams could find a laugh from time to time. ESPN Soccernet Extra: This is a lot more comprehensive as it comes out twice a week (Monday and Thursday), but it doesn't have quite the humor of the other two. It did have decent coverage of the A-League playoffs though. Maybe all the Liverpool fans around these parts can convince kopblog to start producing a podcast.

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Here's a MotoGP podcast: MotoGPod.

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I was going to suggest Arsecast, but trox beat me to it :)

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I'm a fan of MLB Radio Daily. They pull interesting interviews from pregame shows around the league and historic audio.

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I'm a big fan of Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown. You may have flipped by it while channel surfing past Sportsnet East, and scoffed at the absurdity of a radio show on television, but it's a damned good show. That televised hour is also available as a daily podcast. Although this week he's on vacation, and his temporary replacement is nothing to write home about, so I wouldn't bother listening 'til next week.

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This thread marked as favorite... Not sports related, but Jim Breuer the comedian does podcasts. See here...

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Oops, checked my bookmarks, lots of sporty goodness here...

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for all your rugby needs: the dropkicks and IRB Total Rugby

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Thanks for sharing, everybody. A few more one-offs from How Do You Cheat at NASCAR? The Death of the Bracketmaster Do Mormon athletes wear the temple garment under their uniforms?

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