February 18, 2002

get yer football helmets!: nfl, usfl, wfl and more. pro, college and semi! every year, every team, every logo. get yer helmets!

posted by lescour to football at 01:05 PM - 4 comments

I'm suddenly having fond memories of Dairy Queen.

posted by jacknose at 01:42 PM on February 18, 2002

I didn't even know there was an Arena 2 (?) league. I'm just trying to pick out the stupidest name on this list. Torn between Houston ThunderBears (Arena) or Memphis Southmen (WFL).

posted by pastepotpete at 02:31 PM on February 18, 2002

I recall there once was an attempt at a pro American football league in Taiwan... I guess it never got started.

posted by gyc at 03:12 PM on February 18, 2002

Hell yeah there's Arena2...my Jacksonville Tomcats will rule!

posted by bcb2k2 at 08:17 AM on February 19, 2002

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