December 18, 2002

Ronaldo FIFA player of the year...: I smell a very large rat and I name that rat Nike. How the hell can a player who crapped all over the club that supported him through his injuries and who managed the grand total of 17 games over the season win this award? Check the bank accounts of all that voted for him. Demand a recount. I am chuffing outraged.

posted by Fat Buddha to soccer at 03:47 PM - 23 comments

I would have voted for him too considering the other monkeys that were up for the award... Kahn, Ballack...i forget who else... Ronaldo was a phenom way back when...then he was hurt so bad...its a miracle that he came back the way he did!

posted by StarFucker at 04:52 PM on December 18, 2002

Forgive me old chap, but I would have thought that more than an ability to recover from injury would be required in the circumstances. Besides which he seems to be crocked again.

posted by Fat Buddha at 06:35 PM on December 18, 2002

If Ronaldo was a horse they'd shoot him. Sure smells fixed to me. I can think of many other players more deserving of the award (even some of his fellow Brazilian's and I LOATHE the Brazilians).

posted by Drood at 07:34 PM on December 18, 2002

It absolutely should have been Kahn in my mind, but Ronaldo has "star" power and had a damn good world cup. In the end, this award, like an american MVP is absolutely subjective. (I think it was his hairstyle that did it.)

posted by trox at 08:27 AM on December 19, 2002

Did you guys SEE the injury? Its a miracle he came back at all...but now it seems as though he is rediscovering the form he had before the knee operations. He really is a talented player that sticks out among the rest. Maybe you all haven't seen what he has done throughout his short career.

posted by StarFucker at 08:41 AM on December 19, 2002

But the award is based on what he's done this year. He had a reasonably good World Cup, but that's about it. He hardly played at club level, let alone shone. If you want to go on World Cup alone then both the Germany keeper Kahn and the Turkish keeper Rustu had better world cups in my opinion. Zidane and Figo were far more important at club level, but had poor world cups. Roberto Carlos won the Champions League, World Cup and Intercontinental Cup. Not bad going.

posted by salmacis at 09:36 AM on December 19, 2002

Yes yes...but thats just it. Considering the injury he suffered, he made a miraculous recovery and is almost at the same level he was before the surgery/injury. There have been cases throughout history where promising young athletes get struck down by lesser injuries and have never come back... I think thats why this is so special, and i think that the judges see it this way too.

posted by StarFucker at 10:27 AM on December 19, 2002

But he isn't at the same level you silly fucker, he is knackered.

posted by Fat Buddha at 11:41 AM on December 19, 2002

You know, if you read my above posts you would plainly see that i never SAID he was at the same, i'll quote myself... "...he made a miraculous recovery and is almost at the same level he was before the surgery/injury. "

posted by StarFucker at 12:46 PM on December 19, 2002

No he's not. And recovering from injury was never a reason for this award. This award is to honour the best player in Europe over the last season. Ronaldo has plainly not been the best player in Europe over the last season.

posted by salmacis at 01:26 PM on December 19, 2002

Well i think he deserved it. He has been through hell. I saw that injury against Lazio when his fucking knee cap blew up and wound up somewhere on the side of his leg. This happened after only coming in as a sub for the first time back after surgery....7 minutes into the game. This was after being out for almost two years because of the first time it happened. If that happened to me i don't know if i would ever be able to come back and play again. He is showing great heart, bravery and love for the game. He deserves it because of that alone. He also took a paycut to go to Real Madrid and agreed on many things in his contract that no one else has. One of the stipulations of his contract is if he gets injured again Real Madrid don't have to pay him. He did this because he just wants to play. And his level of subpar football is still 200% than most and thats why the top clubs are still after him. Sure, there probably were better players that deserved it this year, but like i said...i think the judges admired him for his progress and i don't see any other players that were up for the award or not that are complaining about him winning.

posted by StarFucker at 02:25 PM on December 19, 2002

Name one club that is after him, actually after him, not rumoured to be after him by some website. Why would anyone want him? He is a disloyal sonofabitch who rarely plays. As well as he played during the world cup it strikes me that either Brazil, or more probably Nike did anything in their power to ensure that he was able to perform (not be fit, necessarily) for those 4 weeks. The guy is a piece of marketing meat and his advisors have allowed the likes of Nike to knacker him out before his time. It is a plain as the nose on your face he did not deserve this award.

posted by Fat Buddha at 03:08 PM on December 19, 2002

He is still scoring with Real Madrid, and you didn't say anything about the rest of my post.

posted by StarFucker at 03:13 PM on December 19, 2002

My word, I can't believe you guys are being so combative over a buck-toothed Brazilian. C'mon, take this passion over to the SpoFi league! You guys are cracking me up. [Sorry for hijacking the thread.]

posted by worldcup2002 at 06:05 PM on December 19, 2002

Ah well, at least it wasn't the monkey faced player who won the award (his name escapes me now. Ronaldinho? I know he scored in the world cup but I can't remember his damn name. ARGHH!)

posted by Drood at 06:55 PM on December 19, 2002

Oh, so scoring for Real Madrid is now a reason for the award? Fine. Give it to Raul. WorldCup2002: Don't worry about hijacking the thread. StarFucker is doing that and he's not bloody listening. StarFucker: Will you please get it into your head that whatever injury problems Ronaldo has been through are COMPLETELY IRRELEVENT. We might as well give it to Sir Royston Keane for having to put up with the incompetent Irish FA.

posted by salmacis at 05:13 AM on December 20, 2002

Aye, stop trolling SF. And though Ronaldo did have a fantastic world cup, he probably didn't deserve the award. How about Rivaldo? Or Thierry Henry? Or Darius Vassell? (Ok, so maybe not the last one).

posted by BigCalm at 05:55 AM on December 20, 2002

What the hell is trolling?! And why am i "hijacking" simply because my opinion is different than yours?! I can say the same about you! I think Ronaldo deserved don't. Could be cause you don't remember how Ronaldo basically put football in the spotlight on a global level again? it "hijacking" or "trolling"...fact remains, Ronaldo is a great football player. He deserves the award.

posted by StarFucker at 08:46 AM on December 20, 2002

Worldcup, i think all this hostility towards me is emanating from the fact that i am KICKING ALL YOUR ASSES IN THE YAHOO FANTASY LEAGUE!! SO EAT IT!! BWAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

posted by StarFucker at 08:48 AM on December 20, 2002


posted by BigCalm at 09:06 AM on December 20, 2002

Ah, that crazy SF. Hehehehehe. I can't wait until he is solidly no. 5 in the league. Give me another month or two. And Drood, you're right, Ronaldinho is monkey boy. He'd win the Golden Monkey-faced Boy award. Nice overhead goal he scored in the World Cup, tho.

posted by worldcup2002 at 09:34 AM on December 20, 2002

It just isn't fair

posted by BigCalm at 09:48 AM on December 20, 2002

You guys are evil....

posted by StarFucker at 10:32 AM on December 20, 2002

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