January 18, 2006

Houston, we still have a problem. : We need a solution to the column problem, and we need it quickly. I don't personally care what it is. I understand how the Pantheon Denizons may want to solve the technical problem, but this is a bit fiddling while Rome burns. If the column gets posted, it doesn't matter if it got that way through technical automatic-post-yer-column whizbang or by human agency. However, if it gets posted a week or two weeks or three weeks late, and it contains information that once was timely, it really won't matter in the least how cool the method of posting was.

We need a resolution on this, or the next discussion is going to have to be whether the Torino 2006 project will take place or not, and what site (other than SpoFi) will host it. Yes, I'm quite serious. Three or four columns have been written, some of them are, what, a couple of weeks old? And they're still not posted. There's no point in writing them if this is how it's going to be.

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