December 04, 2002

The wonderful future of heavyweight boxing: [nyt reg req] The Klitschko brothers, speaking Ukrainian, Russian, German, and English with doctorates from the University of Kiev in sports science. Can Lenox Lewis really be next ? Willl these two "gentelemen sportsmen" do for brotherly love (and boxing endorsements) what the Williams sisters did for sisterly love and womens tennis? PS Worshipful Sports Illustrated article and their snazzy official Web site.

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As much as I hate to make early predictions, I think these boys are for real. I've been able to catch a few of Wladimir's fights and was very impressed. I don't know anything about Vitali, but I've never seen a calmer boxer than Wladimir. His focus is amazing. Saturday night only solidified that opinion. McCline looked like a deer in the headlights once Wladimir caught him in the third. As much as I hate to sound like all of the moronic pundits, they are for real. Wladimir made McCline look like an amateur. Good footwork and enough great jabs to extend the reach difference. McCline learned what it was to take a good jab. I've been known to be a tad sensational, but I think they are for real. Either one could bring Lewis to his knees. I fully believe that they will dominate for a few years. Either one of these guys could take Lewis in 6. PS: I may be casual fan, but more boxing posts please!!!!

posted by ttrendel at 03:35 AM on December 08, 2002

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