December 02, 2002

Winning with defense.: We know Tampa Bay doesn't win with offense (and they lost without it yesterday). But McNabb, Manning, and Vick get a lot more press than their top 4 ranked defenses. This helps to show why Philly can still win with McNabb gone (10-3 against the Rams yesterday w/31 fantasy pts for the defense), why Indy can win with the Edge performing spottily, and why Vick can win with few other offensive talents around him. Oakland also has a potent offense with the 10 ranked defense (points against). (apology for 2 FPP in same day inside.)

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i kept waiting to post this in the comments of Oliver's beat report, which hasn't come yet, so i decided to go ahead and pull the trigger.

posted by Sean Meade at 03:23 PM on December 02, 2002

Gotta have the big "D", which is why New England will take the AFC East, and why the Bills are mere pretenders, even with Bledsoe. And why Miami is overrated, and the Jets (somewhat) under-rated.

posted by outside counsel at 03:08 PM on December 04, 2002

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