April 16, 2004

SpoFi Fantasy Baseball League Update, Sportsline edition. This week's leader is wfrazerjr!. [the largest table in the history of spofi and trash talk inside]

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Rank Team Batting Pitching Total Dif Behind
1Rockport Rassafrass93.078.5171.540.50.0
2hippo's sour mash83.566.0149.536.522.0
4jbou Team91.054.0145.0-1.526.5
586 Team67.572.5140.0-11.031.5
6springfield isotopes63.064.0127.019.544.5
7Eppin' Outs65.549.0114.524.057.0
8Wittgensteins Bunnies53.560.5114.0-7.057.5
9Crackhouse Gang50.060.0110.02.061.5
11Van Gogh's Earache24.576.0100.520.071.0
12Los Colecos61.029.590.5-26.081.0
13Depo Dodgers27.539.567.0-33.5104.5
14Phoenix Pivovari14.035.049.0-6.0122.5
15Nomar's Broken Heart27.021.548.5-32.5123.0

Standings Updated as of: 4/16/04 5:32 AM EST
Batting Breakdown
Team BA Pts Dif
Rockport Rassafrass 0.3278158
86 Team 0.317214-1
springfield isotopes 0.3014138.5
hippo's sour mash 0.2915127.5
Cardbirds 0.290411-3
jbou Team 0.289510-2
Los Colecos 0.286793
Gunboats 0.28358-3
Eppin' Outs 0.27877-1
Wittgensteins Bunnies 0.27616-3
Crackhouse Gang 0.27225-8
Van Gogh's Earache 0.260942
Nomar's Broken Heart 0.25583-7
Phoenix Pivovari 0.24672-1
Depo Dodgers 0.245210
Team H Pts Dif
jbou Team 99151
Rockport Rassafrass 98149
Cardbirds 9713-2
86 Team 9212-1
Gunboats 9111-1
springfield isotopes 88106.5
hippo's sour mash 8684.5
Crackhouse Gang 868-1
Los Colecos 8680
Eppin' Outs 856-1
Wittgensteins Bunnies 825-6
Van Gogh's Earache 7842
Depo Dodgers 763-3
Nomar's Broken Heart 662-8
Phoenix Pivovari 5610
Team HR Pts Dif
hippo's sour mash 1914.54.5
jbou Team 1914.54.5
Rockport Rassafrass 17133
Los Colecos 1512-2.5
Crackhouse Gang 1310.57.5
Eppin' Outs 1310.50.5
86 Team 1294
Wittgensteins Bunnies 117.52.5
Depo Dodgers 117.5-7
Nomar's Broken Heart 1061
Van Gogh's Earache 942.5
Gunboats 94-6
Cardbirds 94-6
Phoenix Pivovari 82-8
springfield isotopes 61-0.5
Team R Pts Dif
jbou Team 57141.5
Rockport Rassafrass 57149
Cardbirds 5714-0.5
Eppin' Outs 55122
Crackhouse Gang 51113
hippo's sour mash 50107
86 Team 498.5-6
springfield isotopes 498.53.5
Depo Dodgers 487-4
Wittgensteins Bunnies 476-6.5
Gunboats 424.5-0.5
Los Colecos 424.5-3.5
Nomar's Broken Heart 402.5-5.5
Van Gogh's Earache 402.51.5
Phoenix Pivovari 321-1
Team RBI Pts Dif
Eppin' Outs 621510.5
hippo's sour mash 61144.5
Rockport Rassafrass 6012.53
jbou Team 6012.51
Wittgensteins Bunnies 5111-2.5
Los Colecos 4710-5
Crackhouse Gang 458.55.5
Gunboats 458.5-5
springfield isotopes 4375
Van Gogh's Earache 4265
86 Team 4150.5
Cardbirds 404-7.5
Depo Dodgers 383-4
Phoenix Pivovari 362-5
Nomar's Broken Heart 331-6
Team SB Pts Dif
Cardbirds 1314.51.5
springfield isotopes 1314.50
jbou Team 1213-1.5
hippo's sour mash 8120
Gunboats 49.51.5
Rockport Rassafrass 49.56.5
Los Colecos 49.5-1.5
Nomar's Broken Heart 49.51.5
Wittgensteins Bunnies 37-1
Eppin' Outs 25-3
Depo Dodgers 25-3
86 Team 252
Van Gogh's Earache 02-1
Crackhouse Gang 02-1
Phoenix Pivovari 02-1
Team mOPS Pts Dif
Rockport Rassafrass 1.370153
86 Team 1.24314-1
hippo's sour mash 1.193139
jbou Team 1.173122
Wittgensteins Bunnies 1.15211-2
Eppin' Outs 1.14610-4
springfield isotopes 1.13496
Los Colecos 1.13381
Gunboats 1.1017-4
Cardbirds 1.09760
Crackhouse Gang 1.0635-4
Phoenix Pivovari 1.0544-1
Nomar's Broken Heart 1.0343-5
Van Gogh's Earache 1.01021
Depo Dodgers 0.9621-1
Pitching Breakdown
Team ERA Pts Dif
86 Team2.556154
springfield isotopes2.66113-1
Rockport Rassafrass2.78812-3
hippo's sour mash3.67710-3
Crackhouse Gang3.83691
Van Gogh's Earache3.8578-1
Eppin' Outs4.86770
Depo Dodgers5.0816-4
jbou Team5.16852
Wittgensteins Bunnies5.1874-1
Los Colecos5.1923-1
Phoenix Pivovari5.84620
Nomar's Broken Heart7.59410
Team K Pts Dif
springfield isotopes75150
Wittgensteins Bunnies58132
hippo's sour mash56122
Van Gogh's Earache55113.5
Phoenix Pivovari529.55
Eppin' Outs529.56.5
jbou Team517.5-5.5
Crackhouse Gang517.51.5
Rockport Rassafrass5061.5
86 Team495-9
Los Colecos483.5-5.5
Depo Dodgers483.5-4
Nomar's Broken Heart2620
Team K-BB Pts Dif
Van Gogh's Earache41150.5
Rockport Rassafrass32142
Wittgensteins Bunnies3112.58
Eppin' Outs30116.5
hippo's sour mash28102.5
springfield isotopes279-4
86 Team268-6.5
jbou Team227-4
Los Colecos206-1.5
Crackhouse Gang185-5
Depo Dodgers173.5-4
Phoenix Pivovari173.52
Nomar's Broken Heart121-0.5
Team Kd9 Pts Dif
86 Team7.83151
Wittgensteins Bunnies7.71144
Van Gogh's Earache7.58135
Crackhouse Gang7.5212-1
springfield isotopes7.3911-4
Rockport Rassafrass7.34101
Nomar's Broken Heart7.319-3
Los Colecos7.1270
Eppin' Outs6.0365
Phoenix Pivovari5.5351
hippo's sour mash5.4231
jbou Team5.382-3
Depo Dodgers4.781-2
Team S Pts Dif
Van Gogh's Earache14140
Crackhouse Gang4128
jbou Team4122.5
Rockport Rassafrass412-0.5
86 Team39.50
Depo Dodgers39.5-3
hippo's sour mash28-1.5
Nomar's Broken Heart15.51.5
Eppin' Outs15.51.5
Phoenix Pivovari15.51.5
Wittgensteins Bunnies02-2
Los Colecos02-2
springfield isotopes02-2
Team W Pts Dif
Rockport Rassafrass613.52
jbou Team613.5-1
Wittgensteins Bunnies511-0.5
Depo Dodgers5118.5
hippo's sour mash511-0.5
Crackhouse Gang48.51.5
Phoenix Pivovari48.51.5
Van Gogh's Earache35-2
springfield isotopes352.5
86 Team35-2
Los Colecos35-6.5
Eppin' Outs22-0.5
Nomar's Broken Heart11-1.5
Team WHIP Pts Dif
86 Team1.030154
hippo's sour mash1.22612-1
Rockport Rassafrass1.23911-4
Van Gogh's Earache1.316101
springfield isotopes1.3589-1
Eppin' Outs1.40381
jbou Team1.41871
Crackhouse Gang1.4926-6
Depo Dodgers1.6055-3
Wittgensteins Bunnies1.64041
Los Colecos1.6653-1
Nomar's Broken Heart1.75020
Phoenix Pivovari1.76010

posted by corpse at 09:58 AM on April 16, 2004

hey fraze- what you gonna do when king hippo does his dance all over you? it's on. who's got some fireballers so i can get my strikeouts up? i've got nick johnson, erubial durazo, orlando hudson, josh phelps and jose reyes all sitting on my bench ridin' pine, waiting to get picked up by anyone.

posted by oliver_crunk at 10:50 AM on April 16, 2004

The rainouts this week hurt me a bit. Hoping for some blammo points next week! :)

posted by jerseygirl at 11:57 AM on April 16, 2004

mOPS? modified OPS? How so?

posted by grum@work at 11:58 AM on April 16, 2004


posted by corpse at 12:55 PM on April 16, 2004

Super Neato Keen Table! Shazam!!! I expect I shall fall out of first place briefly, then return to run roughshod over the lot of you. And oliver? Let's talk Jose Reyes. ;)

posted by wfrazerjr at 02:29 PM on April 16, 2004

what you gonna do when king hippo does his dance all over you? Don't know about him, but I'd wait for your pants to fall down then punch you in the mouth. Nothing personal. Now I just have to figure out the rest of your weaknesses. Who's wearing a blinking jewel on their head?

posted by yerfatma at 03:20 PM on April 16, 2004

I LEARNED IT BY WATCHING YOU! Ooops. Hehe. I forgot that I brought that up. I thought it might have been that, but I wondered if you took a different multiplier instead of 1.8.

posted by grum@work at 03:43 PM on April 16, 2004

I wish I was in the league just to see my team in such beautiful tables, wow Corpse!

posted by billsaysthis at 08:22 PM on April 16, 2004

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