January 10, 2003

***SPOFI LOCKER ROOM INTERVIEW*** vito90: Well, Godammit I Have the Gift, Too. The second in an explosive interview series that has taken this locker room by storm. Learn about vito90's gift, inside.

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Thanks to the overwhelming success of my first interview with StarFucker, I'm back here with another SpoFi-er who's willing to spill his guts, vito90.

posted by worldcup2002 at 04:09 PM on January 10, 2003

So, it's 10 questions from me, in a Q & A format. I ask one, you answer one (one post per answer). Other people can ask additional questions, but I'd prefer if they hold off until I'm done with my 10. Based on your profile, I see you are someone called "Steven Smith" who lives in Seattle, has a blog, and likes baseball. Which is, of course, a great lead-in to ... Q1. What's with the vito90 nickname?

posted by worldcup2002 at 04:16 PM on January 10, 2003

w00t! Interviews with people I don't know by people I don't know. Like the Macho Man sez: "Taking voyeurism to the eXXXtreme!!!!!!"

posted by Ufez Jones at 04:20 PM on January 10, 2003

My middle name is Vincent, which has been truncated to Vito as a nickname over the years. Way back when I signed up for my very first hotmail account, I tried to get vito at hotmail but apparently 89 people beat me to it so hotmail suggested vito90 and I use it for all sorts of stuff.

posted by vito90 at 04:29 PM on January 10, 2003

Q2. What brought you to SpoFi?

posted by worldcup2002 at 04:54 PM on January 10, 2003

The 150th MeFi "Take it to Sportsfilter comment" got me thinking maybe this is a place worth hanging out. I was a bit more prolific 6 months or so ago then found a couple good pr0n sites that really took up alot of my time but now I'm back and as bad as ever.

posted by vito90 at 05:48 PM on January 10, 2003

Q3. What? Another SpoFi-er who likes porn? No way! So what's your favorite porn site?

posted by worldcup2002 at 01:14 AM on January 11, 2003

Oh jesus. Where do I start? Well...being that I refuse to pay a dime for my pr0n I like: www.purextc.com www.autopr0n.com www.voyeurweb.com (natch) www.phatforums.com They all have zero or one pop-up, and the last one (phatforums) has full length movie downloads in mpg, avi, etc. Just follow the links to your chosen genre-i.e. amateur, fetish, oral, whatever floats your boat. I suppose I'll be waiting a while for the next question while you go peruse?

posted by vito90 at 10:20 AM on January 11, 2003

I should add...that if you follow the phatforums link, click on "adult", then choose the particular forum moderated by "HITMYTHANG" you will not be disappointed. That is, unless you're disappointed by OUTRAGEOUS QUANTITIES of FREE PR0N.

posted by vito90 at 10:31 AM on January 11, 2003

One site would've been fine, thank you. Q4. So what do you do in your non-porn-viewing time? In what other ways are you a productive member of society?

posted by worldcup2002 at 01:46 PM on January 11, 2003

I pay taxes, pick up litter, stand up to guys who are yelling at their girlfriends in public, consume goods semi-conspicuously, study Japanese, root for the UW Huskies (MY school), and take great pains to teach women I date the nuances of sports we watch (taking great care to identify all UW and University of Oregon alum [my other alma mater]). I'd say those are my primary contributions. I'd say I'm more noteworthy for my non-contributions, which are I've never voted, never served on a jury, and haven't payed one red cent to attend a sporting event since the 94 baseball strike. But you didn't ask about those. Sorry. I'll stop riffing.

posted by vito90 at 02:06 PM on January 11, 2003

Q5. It appears that you have a long-standing grievance with Major League Baseball. Are you all done with pro baseball? Tell us more about that.

posted by worldcup2002 at 02:12 PM on January 12, 2003

I'm done financially supporting it. The last straw for me was the cancellation of the World Series due to the 94 labor stoppage. I can handle some games being cancelled up to a point. But growing up revering old time baseball, I just can't seem to reconcile the fact that the greed of both the players and owners (for my reasons I blame the players more) accomplished something that two major wars, natural disasters, other "minor" wars, political assasinations, etc. never accomplished - the cancellation of the series. That is a grudge I'll carry forever. Besides...television coverage is so amazingly good and comprehensive anyway I'm perfectly happy to watch at home. And, I'd just as soon grab a glove and bat and ball and go play myself.

posted by vito90 at 07:24 PM on January 12, 2003

Very healthy of you, and a good example for all of us couch potatoes and surf monkeys. Q6. What other sports do you participate in? Are you in any leagues?

posted by worldcup2002 at 12:32 PM on January 13, 2003

Baseball is the only organized sport I play. Used to be a major basketball gym rat but four knee injuries and two knee surgeries have ended my hoops career (and believe it or not catching does not seem to stress what cartilage and ligaments I have left). Other than that it's weightlifting, the occasional bikram yoga class, and a few rounds of beer golf each summer.

posted by vito90 at 02:31 PM on January 13, 2003

Weightlifting, bikram yoga and beer golf. The unholy trinity, if there ever was one. Q7. What's your favorite beer or beverage?

posted by worldcup2002 at 10:43 PM on January 13, 2003

I'm bored.

posted by StarFucker at 09:43 AM on January 14, 2003

You're also bloody annoying. Now, go away and pick some injured players for your fantasy league team.

posted by worldcup2002 at 11:21 AM on January 14, 2003

That hurts Worldcup...

posted by StarFucker at 01:41 PM on January 14, 2003

Yeah SF go shit on some other thread.

posted by vito90 at 01:57 PM on January 14, 2003

btw, SF and vito90, I was just kidding, you know. Anyway, back to Q7. Your turn, vito90. Answer.

posted by worldcup2002 at 10:48 PM on January 14, 2003

Holy shit. I just now realized that the answer I typed in didn't appear. Here I was waiting for Q8. Favorite drink: Maker's Mark Manhatten Favorite Beer: La Fin du Monde fron Unibroue in Quebec City Favorite non-alky drink: coffee, coffee, coffee

posted by vito90 at 07:52 AM on January 15, 2003

Q8. On to healthier pursuits: What's your weightlifting regimen? On what areas do you focus? How much do you bench-press? What's your favorite yoga position?

posted by worldcup2002 at 03:49 PM on January 15, 2003

Well let's see. I hit the gym every weekday to split up my work day and then I go on either Sat or Sun. So one day per week with zero activity. One of those 6 days is straight cardio, an hour on the stairmaster. The rest of the days I do body parts, mostly free weights but a few machines for good measure. Typical regimen: Day 1 Chest, 3 sets bench, 3 sets incline flies, 3 sets dips, 3 sets cable crossovers. Some days I'll substitute incline dumbbell press for the flies. Abs. Day 2 Legs, 4 sets hack squats, 4 sets squats, 4 sets leg extensions, 4 sets leg curls, 4 sets calves. Sometimes I sub leg press for hack squats depending on machine availability. Legs are the only body part I work out heavy. 20 min cardio. Day 3 Biceps, triceps, forearms. 9 sets of various curls (some wide and narrow grip barbell, some dumbell) Depends on what's available without waiting. For tris 4 sets bench dips, 4 sets tricep extensions, 4 sets two-handed pulldowns. 3 sets wrist curls with barbell and 3 sets wrist curls with dumbbells for the forearms. Helps keep the bat speed up :) Abs. Day 4 no weights, just cardio. Abs. Day 5 Back. 3 sets pull ups, 3 sets narrow grip pulldowns (palms facing), 3 sets one-arm rows, 3 sets cable rows. Cardio length depending on whether or not I have something interesting to read. Day 6 Shoulders and traps. Traps - 4 sets shrugs (alternate dumbbells and barbells), 3 sets upright rows. Shoulders, 2 sets dumbbell press for the posterior, 2 sets dumbbell press for the anterior. 2 sets barbell for the anterior, 2 sets barbell for the posterior. 3 sets front extensions, 3 sets lateral extensions. Abs. Phew! I benched 305 about 4 years ago, I think I could probably still do 275 but not more than that. I'd say my favorite yoga pose is the camel because it really opens up my sinuses. Sit up on your knees with your hands on your hips. Put right hand then left hand back on your heel then arch your back backwards so you are looking to the rear. Don't use your hands on your heels for support, just for balance. Hold for 30 sec to a minute. YMMV. Phew! Was that 4 questions or 1? :)

posted by vito90 at 08:43 PM on January 15, 2003

They are separate, yet one. They are different, and the same. Ommmmm. But, damn, man! You must be one ripped and flexible dude! Damn! Q9. How do you still do this with all the crap that's happened to your knees? How were your knees injured, and what did the surgeries do?

posted by worldcup2002 at 10:08 PM on January 15, 2003

My knee history is pretty ugly. Tore my medial meniscus (cartilage) playing hoops in the summer of '89. Simple arthroscopic surgery had me back on my feet in no time. Spring of '91 tore the meniscus in the other knee playing slow pitch softball. I hit a stand-up triple, our league didn't allow sliding, so I pulled up quick into third, spun to see where the ball was and came crashing down. More injuries happen from not sliding than sliding. Always, always slide boys and girls. Same surgery, no problem. '94 tore my ACL playing a fierce game of pickleball on astroturf. My opponent could hear the ligament tear when it happened. Even so, my doc said I could probably rehab it, no reconstruction needed, and I was able to. But then in '97 playing outdoor hoops on a slick court tore the ACL in the other knee. Again rehab without surgery. When I got back into playing baseball I decided that I wanted to compete in it as best I could so I have had to swear off my first love of basketball, because between '97 and '99 I couldn't play hoops without tweaking my knees. I guess it's the lack of cutting, astroturf, and friction between tennis shoes and hardwood floors, but baseball, even catching, doesn't stress my knees out in the least.

posted by vito90 at 08:25 AM on January 16, 2003

Pickleball? Badass! That was one of my favorite middle school gym class games. Are there adult leagues?

posted by Ufez Jones at 10:05 AM on January 16, 2003

There probably are - or at least tournaments. The gym I belong to (24 hr fitness) has three indoor courts and at peak times you are required to play doubles not singles and there is still a wait for court time. Pickleball is a blast, and if you didn't know, it was invented by one of Washington State's own.

posted by vito90 at 10:21 AM on January 16, 2003

Just noticed...from the article: "This point epitomized my inglorious introduction to Pickleball, a game played mostly in the Pacific Northwest, that combines the strokes of racket sports with the vagaries of Wiffle ball. In a succession of challenge sets on the four permanent indoor Pickleball courts at Hart's Athletic Club in the Seattle suburb of Bellevue, my rudimentary skills were no threat to experienced players." The Hart's in question is now a 24 hr fitness, and is the exact facility I was referring to in the previous post...

posted by vito90 at 10:22 AM on January 16, 2003

Wow. Pickleball looks cool. I think I would kick ass at it. But, back to you, vito 90 ... Q10. So, now we know all about your knees. Let's close this interview with you telling us about the rest of your hyper-jock physique: What do you look like?

posted by worldcup2002 at 12:00 PM on January 16, 2003

What the hell is pickleball?

posted by StarFucker at 12:03 PM on January 16, 2003

6', 205, brown hair, blue eyes, goatee, size 11 feet. Picture available on request if ya got a sister or your name is jerseygirl. Thanks for the interview wc. Who's your next victim? I'm glad at least Ufez kept reading! SF - pickleball is a wicked variation of tennis designed to play indoors in the rainy pacific northwest. It uses a wooden paddle like the one you use to spank dirty female tennis players and a whiffle ball on a slightly shrunken tennis court. The link above describes it well. It's a blast.

posted by vito90 at 12:10 PM on January 16, 2003

Hey, let's not forget that I first suggested the continuation of these interviews. Of course I'm going to read.

posted by Ufez Jones at 12:11 PM on January 16, 2003

Thanks for being a sporting interviewee, vito90. It's nice to find out we're more well-rounded than our nicknames suggest. And, thanks, Ufez, for suggesting we keep doing these interviews. Who's next? jbou? Ufez? Volunteers?

posted by worldcup2002 at 10:25 PM on January 16, 2003

I'll do it!

posted by StarFucker at 11:30 PM on January 16, 2003

I could probably be talked into it, but then who would read the interview? Also, I probably won't be around the computer much this weekend. Just fair warning.

posted by Ufez Jones at 10:27 AM on January 17, 2003

I'd read it. I'm enjoying finding out a bit about the people behind the nicknames.

posted by trox at 11:00 AM on January 17, 2003

so where's the next interview, WC2k2?

posted by Ufez Jones at 11:35 AM on January 22, 2003

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