December 19, 2002

Anybody wanna take the EPL Report next week (Week 19, Christmas week)? Christmas is traditionally the crazy week because everyone plays two games in the span of 3-4 days (it's actually 3 games over eight days, but that would include Week 20, but I'll be back reporting by then). Just thought I'd put it out there and see if anyone wants to take up this very important job. You'd have to wait until late Thursday (Dec 26) or Friday (Dec 27) to make your report, but I'm sure it'll be fun.

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I'm talking about the report of actual games on the front page, not the Fantasy League here in the locker room (altho I've made a separate request about that, too).

posted by worldcup2002 at 01:02 AM on December 19, 2002

It's very unlikely that I will be anything like coherent (what's new) but I would be very happy to report on the triumph of the Blues and the further humilation of the Villa. If Blues lose I take a vow of sulky silence for several days, so I can't even promise that.

posted by Fat Buddha at 02:44 AM on December 19, 2002, i'm pretty lazy. I doubt i would be able to do it. Makes me appreciate what you have been doing.

posted by StarFucker at 08:43 AM on December 19, 2002

Here's an idea. Everybody report. FB: You start it off with just one link, and then invite everyone to post one link and any wise words in the comments. Or SF can start it off with some rejoicing at a Liverpool win in the derby, or plain gnashing of teeth because they lost again. Simple enough for even drunken merry-makers and lazy potatoes?

posted by worldcup2002 at 09:38 AM on December 19, 2002

Well...that may be a good idea. I am going to have quite a few days off during the holidays. If i can keep from looking at porn the whole time, i may post a few reports or urls.

posted by StarFucker at 10:30 AM on December 19, 2002

Sounds good: the 12 links of Christmas.

posted by Fat Buddha at 11:43 AM on December 19, 2002

You're welcome to link to porn, SF, as long as it has something to do with this week's EPL games. But don't tell the Pantheon I told you that.

posted by worldcup2002 at 11:49 AM on December 19, 2002

I'm ready with my linkitude...

posted by BigCalm at 04:00 AM on December 20, 2002

HEY WORLDCUP! When are you getting back!?!

posted by StarFucker at 08:16 AM on December 30, 2002

I'm back. And I'm disappointed with you drunken lazy lumps of mush. Except for Fat Buddha, who actually did a rather nice job. I thought we were all going to add one link each. Where was everybody else? On Thursday, I'll post the first report of 2003, and show you lot how it's done. The one thing that will suck is reporting on Liverpool's fourth 1-1 draw in a row. Crap.

posted by worldcup2002 at 08:51 AM on December 30, 2002

Its about time... Where was I? Looking at porn, getting drunk, watching soccer and playing FIFA 2003. Anyone want to do a story about how I am dominating the league? I am willing to give an interview... And I have a great name for the story... STARFUCKER: Just Who The Fuck Is This Fucking Guy?!

posted by StarFucker at 02:09 PM on December 30, 2002

Actually, that would be kinda fun. I could run it under the next SpoFi EPL Fantasy League update. We could just do a "Q & A" in the comments section. We could even do a group interview with people throwing in their questions, altho that might get unruly. And seeing how much people hate you, maybe I should just do the questions, then.

posted by worldcup2002 at 03:10 PM on December 30, 2002

Heh heh...i'm all for it. Guys can send me interview questions via email and we could post it all at once, or whatever... It don't matter how nasty the questions get. I can handle it...and what do you mean people hate me?! I am loved....loved i tell you.

posted by StarFucker at 08:57 PM on December 30, 2002

The one thing that will suck is reporting on Liverpool's fourth 1-1 draw in a row. Crap. That really depends on your perspective. Liverpool totally outplayed Arsenal in the second half (except for a brief flurry at the very end), and I was not too unhappy for the draw, even if it was home at Highbury.

posted by trox at 09:24 AM on December 31, 2002

trox: There you go. As a Liverpool fan, it's obvious that my perspective on a nearly-won away game over the defending champions and current league leaders is ... quite narrow. The least Arsenal could've done, as good hosts, was roll over and let us take all the points. This would've made the entire championship race that much more exciting, and help Liverpool regain its confidence. Instead, Arsenal adds insult to injury by scoring. So now, Liverpool have gone from four straight losses to three straight draws. If we don't thump Newcastle by twenty goals tomorrow, why, I may have to switch over to Everton. (No, not really.)

posted by worldcup2002 at 04:36 PM on December 31, 2002

And Jeffers dived. Justice was done.

posted by Fat Buddha at 05:22 PM on December 31, 2002

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