June 11, 2002

I've been away from sportsfilter for a few weeks and one thing I've noticed is that my spam has gone way down. Around the time that I joined sportsfilter, I noticed my spam went way up but I assumed it wasn't sportsfilter but some other internet accident. However it does make me think...anyone else noticed increased spam?

posted by pastepotpete to navel gazing at 10:53 AM - 2 comments

I haven't experienced an increase in spam since joining here, and none of the @sportsfilter.com addresses are getting spammed yet, which leads me to think that the site hasn't been crawled by an e-mail harvester yet. I think it's unrelated. We're going to implement a change on the site that hides e-mail addresses to non-members. This should prevent them from showing up in spam lists as a result of being here.

posted by rcade at 08:03 AM on June 12, 2002

Actually, I've been getting some completely new spam from "The Porn Lottery" and a lot of unsolicited stuff from nexdeals. I have no evidence that they are related to sportsfilter, though.

posted by insomnyuk at 05:15 PM on June 12, 2002

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