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The Haters

They didn't win in 1984. Georgetown won in 1984. UNC lost to Indiana in the regional semifinal.

posted by Revisited at 08:45 AM on April 05, 2005

"How did Jacksonville get the Super Bowl?"

Phoenix = Jacksonville with 110 degree summers. I'll pass. Houston = Jacksonville with 105 degree summers, and strip clubs. Push.

posted by Revisited at 04:05 PM on January 28, 2005

Home field advantage:

Jeez, after all this, I'm wondering why they let the other guys play. Clearly, success turns solely on the performance of the quarterback.

posted by Revisited at 05:37 PM on January 13, 2005

Get your Nationals gear now

Let's not overstate the effect of the stadium on waterfront development. Fannie Mae is still moving down there, the Department of Transportation is still moving to that area. Any area with cheap real estate and Metro access is going to see growth in this market. A new stadium would have helped, but I doubt the city would have $600 million in benefits out of it.

posted by Revisited at 11:11 AM on December 16, 2004

Does Zo Belong in the hall?

Viz Walton, it should be noted that it's the Basketball Hall of Fame, not the NBA Hall of Fame. Walton's superlative collegiate career was probably a big part of his admission.

posted by Revisited at 05:10 PM on December 05, 2003