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Baseball and Softball Lose Reinstatement Vote

I suppose the US will always prop up the rest of the world. Jealousy is born through helping out people and then they find they still can't do it on their own. The IOC is like the UN. Full of over-cottled, over-fed, over-indulged, self-rightous hypocrites. They cry about their countries, but do nothing except help themselves to the spoils of being the privileged.

posted by XY in YL at 01:28 PM on February 11, 2006

Mexico skier qualifies, gets denied trip to Games

Why doesn't he just compete with another country? Just because he's from Mexico doesn't mean he can't belong to another team. Most of the athletes don't seem to be from where they say and most all go to college, have gone to college, currently reside in and/or train in the US. It's too bad we don't have any defectors from the US to any other country so we could fit him in our team. I wonder why that is?

posted by XY in YL at 01:17 PM on February 11, 2006

Young lady wins state wrestling championship

I believe a young woman should think of her future. If she enjoys wrestling right now because of the success, fine. Wait till she gets in the bigger, tougher leagues of college, maybe she'll find getting whooped isn't worth the attention and she'll find something else to do, like use her mind instead.

posted by XY in YL at 12:21 PM on February 08, 2006