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Dallas Stars Break Up with Sean Avery

As a Sharks' fan, I wish that Avery would have returned to Dallas. I really enjoyed watching that idiot sink the Stars into last place. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. At least that puke never got his name engraved on the Stanley Cup. When Detroit won it in 2002, that bunghole only played 36 games and didn't qualify for The Cup. Even better that year, the greatest left wing of all-time--Luc Robitaille--was able to get his name forever engraved on Lord Stanley's Cup. Now that it appears that Avery's NHL career has come to a pathetic end, I would expect him to start writing his book on being a gay athlete in the NHL. Look for that in about a year or two.

posted by abbeywood at 06:30 AM on December 15, 2008

Very sloppy indeed

Avery has always been an idiot. It's what he does best. Jerks like him give the NHL a bad name. It's hard enough to get attention for the league and attract new fans without braindead morons who drive fans away. Dallas deserves to rot in last for signing such a neanderthal and they should cut their losses and release him immediately. He's been a cancer in the locker room all season already. Why do they want to keep putting up with such a negative bum? He should be sent packing out of league so that he can start his fashion career and have more time to play with his dollies and women's purses. I was actually surprised to even see a weirdo like Avery linked with a female. All signs so far point to his coming out and revealing his true self once his pathetic career is over.

posted by abbeywood at 05:57 PM on December 03, 2008

"Lucky" Luc Robitaille retires

Luc has been my favorite player ever since his rookie season back in 1986. He always came across as one of the classiest guys to ever play the game and the NHL will definitely miss someone like him. I'm very grateful that I was able to see so many of his games in person and I will be in San Jose at the final game of his incredible career that will end with his induction in the Hall of Fame. Thank you Luc for everything you gave us through the years.

posted by abbeywood at 08:48 PM on April 12, 2006