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No Longer the Disastros

I know that's right rcade about the Rangers. I've always been a Rangers fan in hopes that one day they see the light & get some pitching. That's been our downfall since Nolan Ryan left. We'll see if this year they can make it passed the all star break!

posted by marilyn1968 at 01:59 PM on April 01, 2006

Strahan hurts shoulder in fight with Tom Arnold.

That was really some bad acting. It's a good thing both of them have other careers. Besides, even if it would've been real, Strahan could've & would've kicked his ass in a heartbeat, and I don't even like the Giants.

posted by marilyn1968 at 01:45 PM on April 01, 2006

Options Narrow as Chargers Rule Out Tagging Brees

Hell bring Brees here to Dallas. We need somebody that hasn't come out of the senior citizens retirement home for a change. Listen up Bill & Jerry....there may be a quarter back on the market whose arteries haven't hardened yet. Do you think you could handle it?

posted by marilyn1968 at 08:26 AM on February 18, 2006

Emmitt Smith:

So it's o.k. for Warren Moon to beat his wife, and it's o.k. for L.T. to do all the things he did off the field, not to mention all the other players in the league that have done less undesirable things in their personal (get it, the key word here is personal) lives since the dawn of time. All you Irvin (and cowboys) bashers need to get a clue and quit being so jealous of the cowboys. The fhof is based on TALENT & ACCOMPLISHMENTS, and nothing more (or should be anyway, but apparently things are changing) and the cowboys throughout their entire franchise history have exuded more of those two qualities than any other team in the league. Let me know when some other team has won more superbowls, or had more appearances than them o.k. I know the cowboys are tied with the forty-whiners on that superbowl record, and that's fine, but not even them has produced such history. After all, this is America, & if somebody can be nominated after they've done drugs or beat their wives, then Michael is just as eligible as they are!!!! If he doesn't make it this year, he will eventully, so GET OVER IT!!!! Don't hate the player, hate the league for allowing such behavior from more people than just Irvin. You know it's true & anybody who is a football fan (which I am a die hard) knows better. The only damn reason Michael is so news worthy with his indescretions IS because he wore a star on his helmet and no other reason. The media & people like the ones who have made some of these comments are hell bent on bringing the cowboys down and THAT is their only goal. GROW UP! If the leauge & Mr. Tagliabu would do their job and enforce the punishment to the players who break these rules that the NFL wants them to follow then maybe this would bring some kind of deterent to this type of destructive behavior. You CAN NOT pick & choose what players should follow the rules & which ones are allowed (continuosly) not to. DOES T.O. RING ANY BELLS!!!!! But yet, come next season, he'll apparently be causing just as many problems for the Bucs as he did for the eagles & niners. GOOD LUCK WITH ALL THAT MR. GRUDEN!!!! YOU'RE GOING TO NEED IT, BECAUSE I CAN ASSURE YOU THE LEAGUE WILL DO NOTHING ABOUT IT!

posted by marilyn1968 at 12:52 PM on February 04, 2006