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Another Shaq inspired blockbuster...: Dikembe couldn't get it done for the Sixers, now it seems the aging pivot is having a shot at Shaq (and the title) with the Eastern Champ Nets. But is he worth it? The Sixers thought he could bring them a (better shot at the) championship - but that didn't pan out. So why will it with the Nets? I'd bet that it doesn't.

The question is really is this a case of semantics? Is it futile, can anyone stop Shaq and would the be better off ditching Van Horn for someone younger with an upside? Does anyone care about the Nets...

posted by brove to basketball at 02:51 AM on August 07, 2002 - 4 comments

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KC Coach attacked.

How this could possibly happen. Very funny.

posted by brove at 10:42 PM on September 23, 2002


Why is it a sham? Are you if you are serious about winning it? then put your best team out there (not necessarily the best individuals). Where's the heart and pride in playing for your country? The fact is Basketball USA or whoever puts the team together along with the players aren't showing as much heart, as much pride, as much focus upon the prize as Argentina did. That's the bottom line. No-one has rights to the gold or an undefeated record. But slapping a bunch of NBA'ers together as if to comply with the minimum standard required of them and then cruise through undefeated says you expect it not that you want it, and want it bad. Argentina had a better team. It was clearly a bigger deal to them than it was to team USA. Talent does not always win out. End of story.

posted by brove at 03:06 AM on September 05, 2002

Blazers and Spurs swap role players.

I'd say it's sayonara to Stoudamire looking at this trade. But the question is are the blazers going to use Daniels at PG? Are they serious. This is a guy who couldn't win a starting spot over Avery Johnson and a 19yr French rookie and has now been displaced as a back-up by a 5'11 guy who has played half a season. Oh but wait he can finish the break -- I guess the blazers really need a guy who can do that...

posted by brove at 09:32 PM on August 06, 2002

It's just not cricket.

As an Australian who has played baseball at a decent level and cricket at a not so decent level I can let you in on my observations. In cricket it is easier to make contact with bat on ball generally. However, in baseball once making contact you have a higher probability of hitting it a long way. This is probably due to the fact cricket introduces the variables of bounce and the run-up plus in baseball you are hitting in a 40 degrees (?) radius rather than 360 degrees. Both great sports to play...

posted by brove at 01:08 AM on August 06, 2002