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I sent this off to admin@sportsfilter a couple of days ago, but maybe folks want to weigh in on it:

i was thinking of adding sportsfilter's rss feed to a site i co-administer, so i did.

but then i noticed that the titles of the posts are in the form of "posted by name to category at date/time". doesn't seem the most descriptive. since drupal just displays the title by default, it doesn't really give incentive to click for more. is there any way the titles of your posts could be descriptive? it seems like the link at the beginning of each post usually contains words that are the *actual* title of the post.

for example, "Kournikova wins!", not "posted by worldcup2002 to Tennis at 2:56 PM CST".

that's all i got. great site.

posted by nacho to feature requests at 05:08 PM on July 30, 2002 - 2 comments

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The Geometries of Sports Branding.

Amazing typo: "He created a fashion without even knowing it. It went out like wildfire, because number 22 was doing it." Mis-stating perhaps the most famous number in sports! I think this O'Grady fellow is kind of crazy. He also attributes the size & quickness improvements of NBA players to "genetics and natural evolution." And predicts that better athletes will lead to far higher scoring. Isn't scoring at an all time low?

posted by nacho at 07:15 PM on September 13, 2002