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The Good, the bad and the ugly

I've benn a hockey fan since 1960 & I hate what has become of my favorite sport thanks to "Brenda" Shanahan & the off season rules committee. And I also agree with coach Carlylse (did I spell that right ?) comment early in the season. Why don't the Red Wings have to play by the same rules? The favoritism is amazing to me.I haven't watched a complete game since December. Kept hoping it would get better but finally gave up. Chelios even joked that his daughters may end up playing in the new NHL. Allright I've vented enough.

posted by Ratman at 05:45 PM on April 16, 2006

Sucker-punch drunk in the NHL front office

I will agree that we can live without the cheapshots, but what is starting to turn me off about the game is the lack of physical play. If I wanted to watch a non-contact sport on ice I could tune in to figure skating on the weekends. Thanks a lot "Brenda" Shanahan & the rest of the committee you got together to ruin what used to be my favorite sport to watch!

posted by Ratman at 07:00 PM on January 08, 2006