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Sonics are Oklahoma City-bound

Oklahoma Sexuals............Excellent!!! and maybe the Sooners would adopt the mascot too?????

posted by NoAirplay at 01:41 PM on July 05, 2008

Lineman, dead at 36, Exposes Brain Injuries

wow!!...The Old played college ball back in the 30's?? That puts you in your mid to late 80's.....I'm impressed.

posted by NoAirplay at 10:21 AM on June 16, 2007

Hall of Famer Gainey's Daughter Swept Off Ship in Storm

Laura Gainey, a 25-year-old crew member whose father is the Montreal Canadiens general manager, was washed off the covered deck of a Caribbean-bound vessel by a large wave Friday night. A U.S. Coast Guard vessel searched through the night, and aircraft resumed searching at first light Sunday, Coast Guard spokeswoman Faith Wisinski said. They are scouring an area about 475 miles southeast of Cape Cod, Mass. Gainey had been in the water almost 40 hours without a lifejacket but was wearing warm protective clothing. Wisinski said the water is warm, but life-threatening hypothermia ordinarily sets in after 36 hours. The U.S. Coast Guard has sent a plane with infrared radar, cameras and a crew of eight. The Canadian search and rescue center sent a Hercules aircraft to the area. The vessel Mindanao, a civilian tanker, is participating in the search, along with Gainey's boat, the Picton Castle. Dan Moreland, senior captain of the Picton Castle, said Gainey is a volunteer on the tall ship. He called her a "well-loved crew member," who is very fit and a strong swimmer. Bob Gainey learned the missing woman was his daughter on Saturday. Players and coaches had a day off Sunday and were not available for comment. The team said "the thoughts and prayers of the entire Montreal Canadiens organization are with Mr. Gainey and his family." Bob Gainey is awaiting news on the search with his three other children, Anna, Colleen and Steve. The club said assistant general manager Pierre Gauthier will handle Gainey's responsibilities. Gainey also holds the title of executive vice president. Moreland described the situation as "completely devastating for everybody" on the vessel, which undertakes voyages around the world. He said hundreds of former crew members of the ship have been contacting the Lunenburg headquarters to express concern. "It could happen to any ship, to any captain," he said from headquarters. "And, from my point of view, it's the captain's greatest fear." Gainey first joined the ship as a trainee in Cape Town, South Africa, in the last three months of the ship's world voyage. "She is hardworking, someone who wanted to turn her life around. She was passionate about sailing, loves it and worked very hard," he said. "She was no slouch." The 180-foot ship serves as a training vessel. According to the ship's Web site, trainees learn "traditional seafaring skills" and need no prior sailing experience. They keep lookout, handle sails, raise anchor, haul lines and help in the galley. "All hands stand watch underway and in port." Bob Gainey, who turns 53 on Wednesday, won five Stanley Cups with Montreal during a 16-year career from 1973-89. He also won a championship as general manager of the Dallas Stars in 1999. His wife, Cathy, died of brain cancer in 1995 at 39.

posted by NoAirplay at 08:40 AM on December 11, 2006

UND to sue NCAA over it's name

I dont see the problem in using the names when refering to the tribal names..the line is crossed when using insulting names such as the Washington "Redskins" or that ridiculous mascot used by the Clevland Indians with his oversized teeth, humongous nose, and that stupid stereotypical ear to ear smile.

posted by NoAirplay at 05:23 PM on June 15, 2006

Vince Young turning pro

Personally I think Vince made the only the other poster mentioned, ncaa football and the bcs conferences are money grubbing machines that like to see the matt leinarts and vince youngs of the world stay the full 4 yrs so they can sell television rights, sports apparel contracts and season tickets. Besides why does he stay?? his stock can drop like matt leinart's did?...Alex Smith's 40 million for being the number 1 pick should have been matt' matt is looking at #2 or #3....Also, anyone remember a guy name willis magehee??...dude damn near had a career ending injury in a bowl game and many thought he would never play again. I dont think Vince will be an immediate impact player...he's got sit and learn the pro game kind of like mcnair did in houston.

posted by NoAirplay at 04:08 PM on January 08, 2006