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Drivers, teams sound off on cheating issue at Daytona

rodgerd, That's a good question. You make a point that there are rule breakers in every sport. I guess what concerns me is how the sport itself deals with it. Some like football and baseball kind of look the other way with things like drugs, etc. But they now seem to be coming around (after congressional pressure). I don't get the same sense from stock car racing. You know what I mean? The closest thing I can think of is basketball, where they intentionally foul late in the came to gain an advantage, but the refs don't call intentional fouls unless it they are gruesomely flagerant.

posted by JustGuessing at 11:41 AM on February 20, 2006

Drivers, teams sound off on cheating issue at Daytona

Hey Black Hand, nice post. I must have missed the rule that says only those who like cheaters should join this discussion. If you limit your interaction to only people who love your sport regardless of its flaws, its possible you might get a little narrow minded. What do you think? (This is where you say you're not narrow minded, its all them other crazy folks who don't agree with me that are wrong).

posted by JustGuessing at 01:52 PM on February 19, 2006

Drivers, teams sound off on cheating issue at Daytona

What a wretched sport, where the heros are those recognized as the "best" cheaters. What am I missing?

posted by JustGuessing at 11:55 AM on February 18, 2006

Vince Young turning pro

On Reggie versus Vince in the pros - how do they play against top ten defenses in College? Vince did OK with Ohio State, did great against USC (top 10 defense may be a stretch). Reggie was mediocre at ND, mediocre with Texas, - broke open the Fresno State game. But was Fresno state overated, or was Reggie?

posted by JustGuessing at 10:23 AM on January 09, 2006