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Portland trades away the last of the Jailblazers

i do though wish paul allen was my uncle

posted by meijer067 at 12:05 AM on February 25, 2006

Portland trades away the last of the Jailblazers

when a geek runs anything but a geek business you get decisions that are more than a little bit off center.

posted by meijer067 at 12:04 AM on February 25, 2006

Saints Will Leave San Antonio

no place to play in new orleans.a lot of things more important than a football team to new deserves a permanent home.move them to where there is to the lions put the whole team,millen,and the ford family on a barge in the middle of the beautiful detroit river and sink it.starting over with an expansion team couldn't ever be as bad.

posted by meijer067 at 11:23 AM on December 31, 2005

Ted Nolan wants back in the NHL

he'll get his chance if not with n.j. this year with somebopdy else.not this year?then next year or the year after that.big league coaches lead a charmed life.almost always when they get fired sooner or later they get a new job.

posted by meijer067 at 11:52 PM on December 26, 2005

Turn Out the Lights, The Party's Over

and life goes on.

posted by meijer067 at 11:43 PM on December 26, 2005