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Oh wait, never mind.

Hilarious stuff. This is my last post. I stand by the fact that Ron is a total piece of crap. Read sports illustrated archives, and this moron applied for a job at circuit city when playing for the Bulls, just to get the discount (10-15%) Are you kidding me? A millionaire is such a cheap ass that he applies part time just to get a grand knocked off of his purchase? That's the kind of guy we're dealing with here. What a douschebag, lol. Ron Artest is a fucking tool, end of story.

posted by B-Rad jeezy at 08:10 PM on December 21, 2005

Oh wait, never mind.

Totally, guys stop with the racist stuff and let's focus on the fact that Ron Artest is a douchebag. LOL

posted by B-Rad jeezy at 01:48 PM on December 20, 2005

Oh wait, never mind.

The reason I attack Artest personally is because He is a jerk off and that's what's causing the problem. It's not that he sucks at basketball. attacking Artest personally qualifies me as racist and trailor trash? I know for a fact that Artest is gone because I heard it from Simon himself, so if that makes me trailor trash, then you must be heir to bill gates or Larry Ellis. The whole point is that he is immature and incapable of playing the game of basketball without being a jerk to his teammates and his owners, and even his fans. That's why he's going nowhere, not because he's black. A solid, respectable player wouldn't have gotten his teammates into a huge brawl costing them the season.

posted by B-Rad jeezy at 11:16 AM on December 19, 2005

Oh wait, never mind.

These comments about Artest extremely broad in opinion. Let's just get to the bottom line. Ron Artest is a JOKE. He's a worthless piece of garbage. But hey, he's a great player right? Wrong. He is a good player but that doesn't overshadow the fact that he is a crybaby who just wants attention. I mean, what is he thinking? There's no way we're letting him play here anymore. Mel Simon is cutting off this immature jerk. I hope his record label does well because 10 years and 10 trades from now he's gonna be worse off and probably kicking it with Darryl Strawberry and MC Hammer. He probably won't have an agent soon because nobody's gonna want to work with him. I mean I thought Dennis Rodman was bad. At least Dennis Rodman did something really well (rebounding) while respecting his teammates and being somewhat smart. Artest is going nowhere fast and that's what he deserves. That's why he changed his mind and said he wanted to stay. Too bad he sucks at life and will never wear a pacers uniform again, or any other uniform for that matter.

posted by B-Rad jeezy at 12:44 AM on December 19, 2005