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New LA teams

There are a few teams that might be able to come to LA. Those two teams are The Arizona Cardinals and the New Orleans Saints. The rest of the league can stay put. The reason why I say these two teams? Well, its simple. Arizona needs more fans, more revenue, more exposure...where as the Saints, they need a new stadium, they will not be able to recover for a long time down in Louisiana and well, they would be better off in Sunny Southern CALI than dealing with Hurricanes such as Katrina, Alpha, Beta and so forth.

posted by usalinas63 at 01:03 PM on November 25, 2005

Why do the Lions always play on Thanksgiving day?

After hearing that Mariucci might be out from Detroit, it makes u wonder why are the Lions still playing on Thanksgiving Day. The lions only play on this day because it is the only game were they can be exposed on national television without even winning a playoff game. Yes, it is tradition but then again, if the Detroit Lions had tradition, don't you think they would have made an extra effort on acquiring great football players back in the 80s, 90s, and this era. They had Barry Sanders and to all you Detroit Lions Fans, now you wonder why he retired all of a sudden?? Now, they have great players such as Garcia, Herrington, The Williams receivers, Rogers, and yet, they can't even go to the playoffs. Mariucci should just quit and go to a team such as Green Bay, he would do a better job than Sherman...Believe it or not.

posted by usalinas63 at 12:56 PM on November 25, 2005