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Wolves owner says that he won't be trading KG!

If the wolve traded K.G. they would piss off all the loyal fans.There is no one out there that could put to gether a deal that would worth the wolve to even thing about it, But look at the deal the VIKINGS did with Moss. So anything could be possible, i just wouldn't hold my breath

posted by jkillausmc at 02:56 PM on November 24, 2005


as a philly fan i hope they lose the rest of the games this season, not let one of the best wr in the game play is just flat out stupid. Being for minnesota i would love to see him in purple and gold. Not letting T.O play pissed me off almost as much as when the vikings traded Moss, i just hope they have the same fate.

posted by jkillausmc at 02:32 PM on November 24, 2005