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Strapping on the knee pads.

Nah, Don't fire Isiah. I am enjoying watching the abortion that is the Knicks.

posted by Gibbyson at 08:29 AM on March 26, 2006

Strapping on the knee pads.

If memory serves me ( and it don't a lot), the Knicks traded this years 1st pick for Curry and did not get any lottery protection. A bad trade gets worse. So they shouldn't be playing for a better draft pick. So why are they playing? In 35 some odd years of following professional sports, I can not think of a worse GM than Isiah. Not a bad guard though. So who is the second worse GM?

posted by Gibbyson at 02:27 PM on March 25, 2006

Coach of The Year

I dont care if he was green, if you had told me in the first week of the season that Lovie would have a winning team at the end of the season, I would have voted him coach of the year right then. To have that team where they are now is a great coaching job. Bluekarma,you is a dummass.

posted by Gibbyson at 08:21 PM on January 07, 2006

So long, Blacksburg.

Now that Marcus Mexico has a little down time till he resumes his playing career, maybe he should hook up with Mo Clarrett for some advise on how to kill some time till football calls again.

posted by Gibbyson at 08:07 AM on January 07, 2006