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WS Ratings suck! Thank you, FOX!

To fix this problem I suggest this format: Red Sox vs. Yankees --- 7 game series The teams with the 2 best records from the rest of baseball ---- 7 game series Winners of each play and problem solved. At least w/ this format your going to get a team (redsox or yankees) with a huge nationwide following and the other team, well who really cares about the other team.

posted by pasdpildoc at 11:46 AM on October 28, 2005

Angels down yankees

To put this very simply neither the red sox nor the yankees did anything to allow them to advance to the next round. Both teams lacked the dominant pitcher/pitchers and neither team could get a clutch hit from some of the so-called best players in the game. So in my not-so humble opinion they are right where there should be, on the outside looking in.

posted by pasdpildoc at 10:09 AM on October 11, 2005

At Least One Injured in Baltimore Bus Pile-Up

Ha, weedy you sure hit a homer there. You know sosa is juicing, he has more acne at 36 then a 14 y.o. girl after a 4 day hershey kiss binge. As for Raffy he might as well just disappear because he'll never be respected or believed again.

posted by pasdpildoc at 03:44 PM on September 22, 2005

Rookie apologizes, claims postive steroid test is a mistake

This rookie is really reaching, because unlike weed smoking, which can linger in your fat cells for up to 90 days, when your injecting steroids and then stop, 30 to 60 days would be the max. Unless your really heavy and then maybe longer. So how many baseball players are really heavy.

posted by pasdpildoc at 08:49 AM on September 08, 2005

ESPN fires Trev Alberts

Who is Trev Alberts?

posted by pasdpildoc at 12:24 PM on September 07, 2005