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The Unofficial NFL All-Criminal Team

kinda surprised no one mentioned the "juice". Recently in the news for stealing cable. The bad thing about it is they can get away with it, if it were me or you our ass would fry.

posted by DumbMouseMickey at 08:05 PM on August 18, 2005

The beginning of the end, my friends

LoL Evil, but how much you wanna bet that will change in 6yrs? I wouldn't pay a dime to see it on espn... call me a cheap sob I don't care. My point in all of this is the money grubbing fools at the networks. It's all a stupid game and I am not refering to football. The networks are trying to position themselves, it's no different when fox took the NFC from CBS and CBS took AFC from NBC. It's all a twisted game and it's all about money. It's what the Networks thinks it's worth. Let me tell ya if NBC didn't think they made a mistake 6yrs ago why the heck they want back in??? Has the price gone down for Sunday Nights because ESPN sucks that bad??? So now ESPN can do to Monday Night Football what they've done to Sunday Night Football? Thanks but no thanks, I'll vote with my eyes and shut the damn thing off.

posted by DumbMouseMickey at 05:27 PM on August 09, 2005

The beginning of the end, my friends

[quote]Don't get me wrong, I'm a Packers fan, but what on God's Earth did they do to deserve three Monday night games every freaking year?[endquote] probably because they won superbowl32 and made it to the playoffs several years past the Raiders which use to own monday nights don't anymore because they suck. Plus Farve is a crowd pleaser whether you like him or not.

posted by DumbMouseMickey at 05:19 PM on August 09, 2005

The beginning of the end, my friends

[quote]The reason it's moving to ESPN is because MNF with ABC has been losing money for several years now. Moving it to ESPN keeps MNF under Disney's umbrella without forking out the dough a network requires. In broadcasting it's a business before it's a sport For those of you dissing cable/sattelite get with it man. It's 2005 the networks are scrambling your minds. [end quote] Losing money? Yeah right... I think you should talk to NBC. NBC is in the ratings tank right now and losing money. If your babble made any sense why the heck can NBC afford to cast pro football?... why would they want to especially on Sunday nights? I wasn't dissing cable/sattelite...MNF has always been as far as I can remember. I never remember a time without it. Leave it to the stupid mouse to foul everything up. I knew when they bought ABC a while back it would lead to bad things to come. I use to love the little mouse, now I'm ready to feed him to the cat. So now what will we have on Monday nights? ToyStory repeats.

posted by DumbMouseMickey at 05:06 PM on August 09, 2005

The beginning of the end, my friends

[quote]I hope ESPN is smart enough to choose a better line up of games .[endquote] This comes down to the NFL. The NFL sits down and comes up with a schedule based off performance of previous year of the teams, Teams that make the superbowl appearance have the tougher schedules while losers get the easier schedule. If Patriots go to the super bowl you're not going to see them play every Monday night. You have to be real, it's inevitable you will have some poor games on monday night. That's the price of admission. There is no way to predetermine which team will do better than another, due to injuries, free agency and a host of other factors like a player going off to smoke pot for a year. There are a certain amount of high caliber games that are slotted for Monday, but because of the aforementioned problems you always have the possibility of lame ducks.

posted by DumbMouseMickey at 10:43 AM on August 09, 2005

The beginning of the end, my friends

[quote] "WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN WITH TINACTIN COMMERCIALS? ESPN CAME IN AND "BAM" ... I'M OUT OF A JOB! J.M."[EndQuote] You'll see them on the "peacock". John Madden is way smarter than Mickey. As long as there's football and a young demographic and they can keep Madden alive he'll never be out of a job. {He's 69 now, 75 at the end of the 6 year contract with Peacock.} While he may not have mixed well with Al Michaels, how many have mixed well with Michaels? Gifford was probably his best side kick in my humble opinion. Although Miller was refreshing at first, it quickly got old... but anyone they put in that spot is way better than watching a locally carried game with no name commentators.

posted by DumbMouseMickey at 10:31 AM on August 09, 2005

The beginning of the end, my friends

I've grown up with MNF and I have hardly cared who was the commentator, however I get chills when I see a clip from the past with Howard Cosell. MNF is as american as apple pie and has been a staple since longer than I can remember. I don't see the sense in spending $40 a month or more for cable tv. If there is nothing on the 6 or 7 channels I get for free what is the likelyhood there "will be" something on in the remaining 150 channels in the "boob tube" universe. If this isn't stupid then why the heck is NBC rejoining the Airing of the football on Sunday nights? I'll tell you why... it's a spring board for the coveted crowd demographic and NBC is in the ratings cellar. [Oh remember why NBC pulled the plug on it before? Their excuse it costs too much, but now when there ratings suck it's cheap? How stupid do you have to be to run a network anyways????] Mickey and his dumb cohorts think that because they own Espn that it won't make a difference. So in 6 years from now when Mickey sinks to the ratings cellar we can all comemorate the event that Mickey and his tight wad friends are no smarter than the stupid brainless bird we know as a "peacock". Gee how many years it's been since the "peacock" had a NFL game. Six sounds pretty close to me.

posted by DumbMouseMickey at 09:12 AM on August 09, 2005