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Terry Bowden's NCAA top 16 predictions

Win, lose or tie, I for Auburn 'till I die! We will probably not be in the hunt for the big game this year. However, if you would have told me last year at this time that we should have been fighting for the National Championship (I assure you it would have been a much better game than the one that we did watch), I would not have really expected to be there. Don't turn your back on the Tigers. WAR DAMN EAGLE!

posted by BigAl4AU at 10:42 PM on August 06, 2005

Baseball has another Lowe-down cheater

I was very disappointed to hear about this affair wrecking their marriage, but then I learned that Carolyn Hughes has really super hair, so maybe that justifies adultery after all Why didn't article just say so? "Really super hair" is one of the few excuses that most wives would actually buy. In fact, Derek will probably be able to receive spousal support (after all, the divorce is happening in L.A.)

posted by BigAl4AU at 01:38 AM on August 05, 2005

Bonds Done For the Rest of 2005

Diction, rust-belt, universities, etc. What was the original thread? Time to move on folks. That horse has obviously been beaten to death.

posted by BigAl4AU at 07:01 PM on August 03, 2005

Bonds Done For the Rest of 2005

Hey urfreakin, Most keyboards/computers now come with punctuation, the ability to print Capital letters, spellcheck, as well as a host of other tools that will help you appear NOT so ignorant. Perhaps you should try to use the tools that you have, before you start calling others idiots. But the most purest form of hitting is the HR. In no way are those players better than Bonds in that sense. They might be better for getting a single, but I'd rather have a batter that gets a strikeout, a walk, a double and a HR every game than a batter who gets 3 singles and a groundout. While it is true that a HR drives the crowd wild, as you can clearly see from history, having the HR King on the roster does not necessarily win WS, League, or Division Championship rings. The 3-singles hitter is probably doing more for his TEAM than the HR hitter is doing.

posted by BigAl4AU at 03:57 AM on August 03, 2005

Bonds Done For the Rest of 2005 that it seems that Mr. Bud & Co. ARE willing to go against one of the "Big Marquee Players" it looks as if Barry might have finally understood the message. Seems kind of strange that just last week he was stating "don't count me out" for this season. Could he have been waiting to see what happened with Raphael? I guess Barry wants to have a "clean" bill of health upon his return (which will probably be 25 pounds lighter).

posted by BigAl4AU at 09:54 AM on August 02, 2005