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#1 vs #2

Hey bperk I am not denying VY was a star but he wasn't the only star on this team , but what he was was a leader.I just hope Colt can lead we will find out saturday if he can. HOOK'EM!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by bevo196910 at 11:42 AM on September 08, 2006

#1 vs #2

Teddy Ginn is good but not good enough,now Troy Smith on the otherhand will get his ass knocked off in this game he will have to run because he won't have time to throw and when he runs is when he will pay for it our defense is too good.Oh and don't forget about our recievers and running backs OSU is in for a long day!!!HOOK'EM HORNS

posted by bevo196910 at 11:36 AM on September 08, 2006

#1 vs #2

I don't know about other Texas fans but I am tired of hearing about how Vince Young is all we had last year you don't go undefeated and win a championship without defense,now don't get me wrong I am a huge VY fan.Now as far as the game this saturday it will be the same outcome as last year Texas wins!!!!!!!!!!

posted by bevo196910 at 01:41 PM on September 07, 2006