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I'm an IRL fan, I've been to over 20 Indy 500 races, and love to watch the races on TV. Marlboro Team Penske has been my favorite for years.

I love Ohio State football!! GO BUCKS!!!

I also follow the Cleveland Browns, although college ball is much more fun to watch.

The St. Louis Blues are my hockey team (when they are playing).

College hockey also rocks!! I follow Ohio State, Lake Superior State and University of Nebraska-Omaha. attended the Frozen Four for the first time this year, hope to see many more.

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Florida 41, Ohio State 14

As a life long Buckeye fan, I will admit that UF took us out behind the woodshed last night. This was the same Buckeye team I saw play Illinois this year. Had Illinois been worth a sh*t they probably would have won. I break it down this line play on either side of the ball. The O line couldn't give Smith time to set up and the D line was giving 2 yards before the first hit. Many Kudos to Florida, they were the best team last night by a mile. Now for a playoff rant....As in so many years, we end up with controversy. Does BSU deserve #1, they are undefeated. There is no valid excuse why they couldn't be. The naysayers all say they can't hang with the major conferences. Those are the same people who said Florida had no chance to beat the Bucks. As long as there isn't a good reason to make a $$$...there won't be any. A 16 team playoff (or even 32) would add little time to the end of the season if you go all the way. With all the bowls, there are enough for 32 teams and one left over. I don't understand how the money could be less for the bowls if the games actually mean something. The Motor City Bowl for example would actually count for something and would have to make more cash in the long run. Congrats to Florida...just remember, it took a coach that is from Ohio and a former Buckeye assistant to take your team to the top. :>)

posted by TKTT1 at 09:09 AM on January 09, 2007

Wojciechowski: BCS System Needs Extreme Makeover

Why not the playoff? Oh yeah, the almighty dollar. Why the "smaller" bowls don't push for it is beyond me. Make the Motor City Bowl mean something because the winner advances. It would have to generate better ratings for those games which translate into MORE MONEY. It would also give the teams like Boise State and Rutgers a shot. They may or may not be good enough to play in a BCS bowl, but at least we would learn that on the field, not through some sort of subjective ranking system. Ohio State and Michigan are definitely the two best teams in the country, but again, the TV money doesn't work. Think back to the World Series this year. An all Midwest series did not make the TV people happy. How can we have a championship with out a NY, LA or other East/West coast big market team??? The dollar speaks again. Being a Buckeye fan, I think that a rematch would be one hell of a game. If the OSU/MU game was in September, we would be looking at a rematch now, but the game being at the end of the season "weighs" more. BULLSH*T, let the two best teams play....better yet, have a real tournament. The arguments about exams etc. are crap. Those guys will be practicing everyday, not so much for the bowl game, but because they get almost two months of practice looking towards next year. No advantage for anyone there is there? Six more games for the eventual champs (assuming 64 teams, which would allow nearly 1/2 of the Div 1A schools in) wouldn't add anymore length to the season to speak of. The Championship would still be able to happen over New Years. It may be about the money, but I think a tournament would end up bringing in even more than the hokey BCS does now, it would just end up being spread around a little bit more.........oh no, a "non-BCS" conference might actually get some of the TV money and that would be bad how?

posted by TKTT1 at 09:36 AM on November 27, 2006

Bo Schembechler Dies on Eve of Michigan/Ohio State Game

I'm a lifelong Bucks fan, yet I am sad to hear of Bo's passing. It does cast a pall over "The Game" and will weigh heavy on the hearts of all fans. Bo may be known for his years at "that school up north", but he was also a Buckeye by birth, education and even in his coaching career. (Miami of OH and an assistant to Woody.) Say a prayer that Bo and Woody will be able to watch the game together tomorrow, it would only be fitting. My condolences to the family.

posted by TKTT1 at 01:13 PM on November 17, 2006

Stewart Rips NASCAR For 'Dangerous' Racing

Maybe if they did away with fenders it would solve part of the problem....oh, wait then it would be IRL racing, where driving skills count, not the ability to push someone out of your way. (unless you are Michael Andretti :) )

posted by TKTT1 at 09:02 AM on February 13, 2006

Toss Out All The Hall Of Shamers

you bring up a good question. I still think Pete Rose should be a hall member. his on-field play makes him one of the all time greats. if we retro rules, how many hall members would we lose. the babe was a drinking, gambling womanizer. Would he be removed? the hall of fame in any sport should represent the best of the best on the field of play. their off field issues should not matter.

posted by TKTT1 at 08:40 AM on August 02, 2005

If you can't ignore them, then join them?

"NCAA wants to work with odds makers to monitor betting lines for college games, as part of antigambling efforts. " Or are they going to try and cash in themselves??

posted by TKTT1 at 10:12 AM on July 20, 2005

Move over, Danica!

"Ok, what the hell happened to sports? Who cares about Danica and some other chick Legge? The media is so hungry to find minorities to do well in any sport that they create a fantasy for fans that dont follow the sport close enough to know better." Thank you!! Danica is obviously a good driver (for a rookie, which seems to be lost in all the hoopla). I am tired of the "Danica Show" that surrounds the IRL now, although it is helping to promote the series. Danica will win eventually, as long as she has the top notch equipment the Rahal/Letterman team is providing. If Sarah Fisher, Lynn St. James or Janet Guthrie had the first class equipment that Danica has, this would be a non-issue now. Mario in a bikini??? There isn't enough beer in the world to make me want to see that!! :>)

posted by TKTT1 at 09:51 AM on July 20, 2005

Move over, Danica!

"With the exception of the Indy 500, which is still impossible to watch in its entirety.... Indy cars are still boring" How can you say IndyCar is boring? Compared to the other leagues, there is nothing more exciting. What other series has nearly as many races that are decided by what amounts to a photo finish? F-1, is nothing more than a parade without bands, no passing or real racing. (Or even a real race as in the case of this year's US GP.) NASCAR with it's yellow flags near the end of the race for no reason other than to bunch the cars up in an attempt to make it close, not to mention the contact to pass or move cars out of the way. Where is the driving skill in that? Try that crap in open wheel, and you usually end up in the fence along with the car you are bumping. As far as Danica v. Katherine, more power to both of them. Danica will win a race, maybe not this season, but it will happen. Have any of the other rookies won a race this year? As long as she is on a team that can provide first class cars, she will be a threat. That's just my 2 cents...

posted by TKTT1 at 09:53 AM on July 19, 2005