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Now, that's a sport?

DDDDAMMMn Thats one of the pictures of da year right there homes---screw you brown bat and goddam!!

posted by what just happened? at 05:03 PM on July 13, 2005

Tim Brown retiring with the Oakland Raiders

ya i agree tieguy- this is how it should be

posted by what just happened? at 09:06 AM on July 07, 2005

Hall of Fame Coach Hank Stram Dies at 82

This is a sad coincedine or however you spell it-me being a chiefs fan i would know that hank stram is one of the best coaches to ever coach the game

posted by what just happened? at 09:08 AM on July 05, 2005

Boom -- Madden Joins NBC

i think that he shouldve stayed on MNF becuz more people watch that witch equals more $

posted by what just happened? at 09:13 PM on June 15, 2005