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Episode II: Return of the Zen Master

Fricken Haters Whats the rush to judgement for. Will Phil take last years Lakers to the finals? Hell no. But you dont really think that the roster is gonna stay the same, do you? Look for some serious added star power. Find some unhappy superstar like say,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,KG maybe. See what that does to a team with still one of the best players in the game, (KOBE). "Build his own team". I think some mental midget just said that. That is exactly what he will do. Build it around Kobe. Just like it was built around MJ. Rage Rod good thing for you your computer comes with spell check. Otherwise the whole world would see how ignorant you truly are. You should stick to NASCAR.

posted by Daddy4 at 05:02 PM on June 14, 2005

Shaq reportedly wants Jordan monay.

He WAS the most prolific big man.. Was being the key. I was the biggest Shaq Fan of all. Now he has showed that he is just another aging, uncaring, greedy player who thinks that no one can win the title unless he is on the team. Proven wrong again 3 yrs. running. Thats my point about staying in shape. Big Men cannot balloon up during the summer, use the regualr season to get in shape and then expect to stay healthy for the playoffs. Pay him 30 million to be hurt when they need him the most. Best tools available???? You have got a superstar in the making in Dewayne Wade. Nobody will deny that. So how about take that 30mill around surround him with good players. Not one aging, fat, dont care, cant hit a free throw, non defense playing quitter.

posted by Daddy4 at 01:54 PM on June 09, 2005

Shaq reportedly wants Jordan monay.

Best game? They lost. Call him what you guys want. But get off his nuts for a minute to realize this is the same scenario as with the lakers. He signs a contract extension and then starts whinning about more money in the same year as he signed the extension. Greedy. And yes his weight is a major factor. Yes the knee made him gain 50 pounds, the poor eating practices and lack of "real" practices made him do it. Hey JMD82 What time does the Shaqdaddy diesel pick you up for dinner? DOuble cheese burgers at burger king?

posted by Daddy4 at 08:21 AM on June 09, 2005

Shaq reportedly wants Jordan monay.

MORE MONEY! Didnt really think the Honey Moon would last that long, did you? After failing with the Lakers, Fat Boy Shaq cries disrespect, quits during the finals and then signs with the Heat. Claiming to be their savior. Promising a ring! Now that he has failed. Mostly because he gained all of his weight back and his poor legs couldnt support the xtra cheese burgers. Why does a "DEDICATED" player have to sign a new contract to get in shape? And he wants more money for playing when "he wants to", suspect defense, and missing "the ones that count"? Gimme a break! The only thing that stops Shaq from being the Greatest Ever, his mouth. It is either full of food or full of B.S

posted by Daddy4 at 06:05 PM on June 08, 2005