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SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

The goalie (Ryan Kern) listed as 5'9", so probably 5'7" in reality. Bottom of the cross bar is 6'.

posted by umrlax at 03:32 PM on February 09, 2017

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Its Luke Weaver, who despite the appearance in the gif, is 6'2" and not a gnome. Granted he is standing next to Wainwright (6'7")

posted by umrlax at 11:10 AM on August 25, 2016

Brain Trauma Extends to the Soccer Field

I would think the repeatedly heading the ball would be a bigger concern that bodily collisions in soccer. Granted its been 20 years since I last played soccer on a real team but I remember practicing heading the ball multiple times in practice. A size 5 soccer ball weighs 16 ounces, a full pound and traveling at 30~60 mph depending on the level. Basically I'm not shocked that soccer has the head trauma issues too.

posted by umrlax at 02:06 PM on May 03, 2014

SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

Lacrosse rule changes over the last few years have been very counter productive, IMHO. I am also looking at them from a youth coach perspective, not the college or pro game.

They add shot clocks but then change the stick stringing requirements. More shots, less ability to posses the ball. Then they change penalty calls to increase the chance of fast breaks, especially off a face off.

Lion, I can only speak for Missouri. Over the last 10 years I've coached (this feels like forever), the high school game went from the style you described to a more specialist style like Quint was referring. All varsity teams use FOGOs now. Some JV teams do as well. I even used one when I last coached JV 4 years ago (he also played man down defense at his request, no interest in attack).

Now I coach middle and grade school teams. I am starting to see some of the elite programs using FOGOs, which is a disservice to those kids for the exact reasons Hugh mentioned. They don't learn the whole game.

posted by umrlax at 02:51 AM on March 08, 2014

SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

"A face-off man cannot leave the field until there is a shot on goal or change of possession."

Should that rule apply to LSMs on the faceoff too? Force them to play offense if their guy wins the face? There are middies who only play defense, attack who only play man up, long poles that only play man down. They are aren't required to play every facet of the game.

While I hate FOGOs on the youth level, I think its acceptable at college and pro. Besides going off topic with the cheating thing, at the end, he doesn't make a very good argument against the FOGO.

posted by umrlax at 05:35 PM on March 07, 2014

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

I think the helmets also missed out on the Rams and the banta horns.

posted by umrlax at 03:31 PM on February 05, 2014

Broncos Mock Jaguars on Twitter

Prometheus has too many run-ins with the law, Zeus can't stop with the sex scandals and Mercury is a showboat.

posted by umrlax at 05:46 PM on October 08, 2013

'Remember, You Signed a Death Waiver'

Not quite a death but I would imagine it made him rethink running ever again.

posted by umrlax at 02:56 PM on October 08, 2013

Golfer in Lead Quits Tournament for Wife's Labor

Dustin Pedroia also left a Sox's game last year. Yahoo Sports

posted by umrlax at 01:38 AM on July 30, 2013

John Kass: American Football Industry is on its Deathbed

Here's a video of the hardest hits from 2009

The thing that concerns me about that video is amount of head first hits and cross checks to the head, especially at the beginning. One of my 6th grade attackmen went down two weeks ago to a hit like that and ended up with a mild concussion. He seems like he recovered alright and is already cleared to play again.

Just my experience but I've seen more and worse injuries while playing football than I have lacrosse. I agree it stems from the goal of the game, goal scoring vs tackling.

posted by umrlax at 03:33 PM on April 25, 2013

John Kass: American Football Industry is on its Deathbed

With all this Canadian pride in the thread, aren't you forgetting your national (summer) sport? That was the only reason I played.

yerfatma -Thats the same reason I started playing. Having coached since 2005, I've seen youth lacrosse ( at least state side) take a lot of steps to reduce head injuries. Up to 6th grade, hard contact is banned. Any brush of the helmet or body check will get a flag. The leagues are really focusing on teaching skills over hitting. They are also drumming out the bloodthirsty coaches.

7/8th grade allows some body checks but if a kid get laid out with more force than necessary, flags come flying in from everywhere. Its not uncommon to see 3 minute penalties for regular ball down body check. Any helmet contact harder than a light brush is penalty too.

High school is following a similar progression. The stuff we did when we started playing would probably get us kicked out of most games today (the hits after goals or crashing in to the pile on a ball down).

posted by umrlax at 12:35 PM on April 25, 2013

SportsFilter 2013 March Madness Bracket

I'm in, the bigger number is the better team, right?

posted by umrlax at 01:54 PM on March 21, 2013

For Your Soul

Paul Gait 1989 or Ryan Powell 2000 Lacrosse

posted by umrlax at 10:41 AM on February 08, 2012