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Romo does endorsement spoof

As you can see Im a ravens fan and I am happy that you added Joe Flaco to the list of QB's that might be better than Romo. Personally I think that Romo is very overrated because not only can he not get the job done near the playoffs but also he was on a team with a great defense with a sack machine on the D-line that gave him many opportunities that he missed. I am not a fan of T.O., he pisses me off but the stat about the dropped passes isn't only his fault it's also about the quality of the passes thrown by Romo. And back when there was the jessica simpson thing about how she distracts him and was a curse, thats bull s..t because it was his fault that he couldn't concentrate on his job that is making him so wealthy. Now that T.O. is gone the cowboys are going to have to rely on there running game but Marion Barber does not have the stamina to play a whole game (cause they had the deep threat of T.O.) so the cowboys will need to put in Felix Jones who doesnt have a good enough amount of experience to carry there team. The QB's that ARE better than Romo are: Brady, Both Mannings, Brees, McNabb, Flaco, Rivers, Warner, Rothlisberger, The old dude on the titans, JaMarcus Russel, and maybe Matt Haselback (my friend made me say the last one, cause we live in seattle). This is my first post thank you

posted by Baltimore_Ravens_Fan at 05:15 PM on July 18, 2009