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The season-ending loss that made me cry like it was the end of Brian's Song! Two words - Bill Mazeroski.

Most memorable sporting event attended:
7/13/1977 - Cubs at Mets. Power blackout throughout entire east coast. Walked 12 miles home from Shea Stadium in the pitch-blackness. It was quite an exciting night. Side note, cost of a field level box seat - $5.

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NFL Players Will Have Tracking Chips in Shoulder Pads

Re the first comment: How far would Michael Bradley run after a 260 pound linebacker shouldered him in the mid-section? Distance run in a contact sport and distance run in a (theoretical) non-contact sport should be measured quite differently. Has any soccer player (other than place kickers) ever made it in the NFL? Has any NFL football player ever made it in soccer? The closest I can think of is Kyle Rote was a great football wide receiver, and his son was a pretty good soccer player.

posted by pullmyfinger at 08:00 PM on August 03, 2014

Holy Sidd Finch! Minnesota Twins Sign Unknown with 100-Mph Fastball

Wonder if he's related to Ryne Duren. Does he wear coke bottle glasses?

posted by pullmyfinger at 07:40 PM on August 03, 2014

Lakers' Pau Gasol signs three-year extension

Roy Halladay and the Philadelphia Phillies agreed to a three-year contract, running 2011 to 2013 at $20 million a year, plus a $20 million vesting option for 2014. I haven't heard or seen a negative comment about this

Had Halladay signed the exact same contract with the Yankees, Mets or Red Sox, I'd be typing this on page 16 of the comments section following comment after comment about how nobody is worth that kind of money etc. Deep down, the resentment has never been about the dollar amount - just the dollar amount when one of those "evil" teams spend it.

posted by pullmyfinger at 12:30 PM on December 25, 2009

Lakers' Pau Gasol signs three-year extension

Why is it that when a baseball player signs for millions, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of negative comments, yet when someone from another sport signs for $20 million plus per year - it doesn't even raise an eyebrow?

posted by pullmyfinger at 05:10 PM on December 24, 2009

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

Did Holmgren visit the Giants last night?

posted by pullmyfinger at 11:01 AM on December 22, 2009

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

I don't know if it's a plus or a minus - but Sawchuk played 20 years sans helmet and mask. Pretty scary, especially for a goalie.

posted by pullmyfinger at 10:45 AM on December 10, 2009

Tiger Woods Fined $164 for Careless Driving

Enough about Tiger Woods. The big news is that Ron Wood of the incredable Rolling Stones has been arrested. Now that's newsworthy.

posted by pullmyfinger at 10:51 AM on December 03, 2009

Yankees Win World Series

Who is MATH, and what is he doing wrong? I hope it isn't sexual. Oh well - they probably have pills for that.

posted by pullmyfinger at 04:05 PM on November 06, 2009

Yankees Win World Series

OPS isn't a power stat. It's a combination of on base percentage and slugging

In the context of the postings, it is a power stat. Justgary stated that ARod was performing better because he had a higher OPS than Jeter. The slugging factor in OPS is important for a cleanup hitter. It is far less important for a leadoff hitter.

For example, Rod Carew had a rather unimpressive OPS of 822. That's not a bad number, but it hardly qualifys as a great OPS. His 328 BA and 393 OBP are most impressive. His job was not to be a cleanup hitter, but rather to be on base for cleanup hitters.

Example 2. Reggie Jackson's 846 OPS is also rather unimpressive. However, the fact that it's that high with a 262 BA and 356 OBP is very impressive. That 846 OPS drove in a lot of Jeter and Carew type hitters.

The reason that Jackson, with his low BA, and Carew, with his high BA have similar OPS is POWER.

posted by pullmyfinger at 03:31 PM on November 06, 2009

Yankees Win World Series

As far as ARod, his playoff OPS is .977. Jeter's is .863. ARod has performed better in the post season. Only using a small sample size (very recently) backs up the whole ARod isn't clutch idea.

posted by justgary at 09:04 PM on November 05

Is there some point in using a POWER stat to compare a cleanup hitter to a leadoff hitter? ARod is better at driving in runs. Jeter is better at scoring runs. Is that not how it is supposed to be?

posted by pullmyfinger at 10:23 AM on November 06, 2009

Yankees Win World Series

How long has Don Mattingly been away from the Yankees? Just wondering how long it took his curse to dissipate...

posted by MeatSaber at 03:40 PM on November 05

Just so you know, Donny Baseballs last season was 1995. The Yankees have 5 world series rings since then. What exactly is your point?

posted by pullmyfinger at 04:35 PM on November 05, 2009

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

Not true at all, Finger. When the Texas Rangers secure the next World Series title, I will gladly entertain invitations for my favorite team to receive fornication.

posted by rcade at 11:35 AM on November 05

I've got a great idea, rcade. Lets halt all profanity until the Rangers win the world series. Kerrycindy's son will probably be old enough to collect social security by then. Oh - was I supposed to put this comment in the locker room? Locker room language, yah, that's the place for it.

posted by pullmyfinger at 12:00 PM on November 05, 2009

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

kerrycindy, boss rcade isn't being quite accurate. On this site, it's OK to use any profanity that you wish, as long as it is anti-Yankee profanity.

posted by pullmyfinger at 11:33 AM on November 05, 2009

Utley ties Reggie's World Series Record

Jeter also won the Hank Aaron award for being the American League's best hitter, even though he's not close to being the best hitter on his own team.

The question shouldn't be whether or not Jeter diserves the Hank Aaron award as the American League's best hitter. A better question would be - why is the American Leagues best hitter award named after Aaron. First, Aaron played all of 2 years in the AL. Second, does anybody on this planet think Aaron was a better HITTER than Williams, Cobb, Ruth, (AL) or Musial, Hornsby (NL)

As for Jeter winning the award this year. Certainly there are a few others who could have received the award. However, Jeter is a leadoff hitter who finished second in hits (behind Ichiro as usual), 3rd in BA, 3rd in OBP and 4th in total bases. Is that not exactly what a leadoff hitter is supposed to be? Hitting home runs is not the only thing to consider when naming someone as the best HITTER.

posted by pullmyfinger at 09:16 AM on November 04, 2009

Yankees Even Series Behind Burnett, Rivera

In this particular case, the result would have been correct. The runner, Posada, would have been safe at second base because of Howards terrible throw. Likewise, Damon would have been safe at first for the same reason. However, your reasoning is correct. Baserunners and fielders continue, or stop, a play based on what the umpire initially rules. Instant replay can't decide what would have happened if ruled differently by the ump.

In the case at hand, the runners and fielders continued the play exactly as they would have had it been correctly ruled as a trap. The runner at first ran to second base, and the firstbaseman tried to get the lead runner at second. A good throw would have easily gotten Posada at second, but Howard made a very bad throw.

posted by pullmyfinger at 04:44 PM on October 30, 2009