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"Achievement is not a gift."

Ok, just for fun, let's take this one step further. The runner on first takes second base, (notice I didn't say steals). This is called "defensive indifference" and no stolen base is awarded. Now a subsequent batter hits a single and the runner then scores from second base. Should that hitter be credited with an RBI? If this runner had still been on first base, he would not have scored on a single. Just mixing the pot. How can you give one player credit for an RBI, when you are not giving credit for the stolen base?

posted by T.H.E.Cat at 08:44 PM on September 23, 2009

Tiger Woods reportedly to miss rest of season

Somebody needs to sit Tiger down before he really hurts himself. I am basing this on Hank Haney's comments regarding the condition of Tiger's knee a mere two weeks before the US Open. Tiger's response? "I'm playing in the U.S. Open and I'm going to win. If the condition of his knee were truely that bad, yet he still played in the Open, can be an indication of other "non-physical" issues for Tiger to consider or deal with. 1. Tiger is far and away the best golfer in the world. But he knows this. Does he feel playing hurt is the only way to really challenge himself? 2. His ego? Yes he has a huge ego. Playing with a knee that bad only proves it. As he states, "My greatest victory in a Major." Really? 3. By playing too soon, He may have actually re-injured his knee more severely. Of course this we'll never know. There is no need for Tiger to rush his date with history, "the greatest of all time." This is obvious, and unless he hurts himself, inevitable. But to see him force his body and knee in the manner that we saw this past weekend bordered on the insane.

posted by T.H.E.Cat at 08:36 PM on June 18, 2008